Would Matt reach out to me about my order


Hi Matt,

I tried to reach out through the contact form on the main mugsy website but my message seems to have been lost.

I made my order about a year and half ago, before panel color options and extenders for tall mugs were a thing. Could you reach out to me to discuss what my options are for these and my order?




Hey Bruce, what is your order number?


Hi Matt,

I’m order 55.


Same with me. I used the order form and email and no responses. Matt - please respond!


@deBrus Thanks, I will shoot you an email today.

@Islandbrian Apologies for missing your ticket, just responded. Thanks!


Hi @matt I have also tried reaching out about my order, but I can’t seem to get a hold of you either. If order number 55 hasn’t been shipped yet, what is the estimated shipping date for order 585? I was told my order would be delivered by the end of February at the latest and now that seems borderline dishonest. And after reading through threads from May 2019 discussing shipping estimates of 6-12 weeks for initial Kickstarter backers, I’m having doubts that later shipments will be fulfilled.


Hey @alexmspina, I just stepped out for a few hours but will get you an update tonight when I’m doing emails. Thanks!


Thanks @matt

And dishonest was a poor choice of words on my part; I apologize cause I know you’re really busy and I appreciate your attention to detail. I am still extremely excited about Mugsy and can’t wait to start hacking my coffee!


@deBrus Just shot you an email with the info you requested. Thanks again!

@alexmspina No worries at all! I totally sympathize and know how annoying it can be to see multiple missed deadlines. I just shot you guys an email at the address used for your original order. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!


Can I have that Email too, with Order Number 583? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Boschn Sure thing, will try and get to you tonight but may be up to 24 hours.