Which Raspberry Pi?


Hey. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ came out this week. Will that be the one that comes with Mugsy?


I haven’t had a chance to verify my pricing at scale for the 3B+ yet, but as long as it doesn’t add additional cost or have huge lead times it will be the version we go with. I will have a confirmation on this next week.



Have you confirmed the 3b+?



I have not been able to confirm a bulk purchase of the B+ with the distro at the quantities I need yet. I want to buy by August at the latest, so will keep trying until then.


Have you tried Arrow electronics?


Yup. They don’t have the quantities needed or volume pricing.


I wanted to let everyone know that we are going with the most recent PI model, the 3B+. I just put the first part of the order in for 100 units a few minutes ago. Fortunately, enough units hit the market in time and the qty restrictions for my size of business were removed.

We couldn’t get any volume discounts but it only ended up being about $500 more across all units. The goodwill and marketing copy is definitely worth the extra buck and change per Mugsy.

Thanks for the patience while I sorted this one out, super stoked with how it worked out!


Doh. I reckon the new Pi 3A+ would have been ideal for Mugsy. :roll_eyes:


Hang on… Have 2 new Raspberry Pi models come out since you’ve been building this? :exploding_head:


I’d imagine it’s more than two. He’s been working on Mugsy for a looong time :stuck_out_tongue:


And then… as if by magic, the raspberry pi 4 comes out! The board layout is slightly different so not sure if it will fit mugsy. I have a brand new 3+ put aside for my mugsy, but just in case others are interested… There are some new memory options 1, 2 & 4Gb versions being released, so if you wanted to make your mugsy the centre of your kitchen it might be worth checking out.


Note that MugsyOS probably won’t work out of the box, till it gets updated. The image for Raspberry Pi 4 is completely different, new version of the underlying debian.


Things like python and php scripts will work without issue but start up and service launching may be different. Haven’t actually had a chance to take a look yet.


Ah, the initial announcement made it seem like there was no upgrade path yet between Stretch and Buster. However, the instructions are at the bottom here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/buster-the-new-version-of-raspbian/ . The RaspberryPi 4 probably won’t boot at all without the latest firmware in the image.


Sorry, I see what you mean now… Yeah, the image would haver to be rebuilt for Pi4. I have one on backorder, not sure when I will get it.


Mine arrived today… If you wanted to ship my kit earlier I don’t mind testing :rofl: