Which Alexa skill do I need


I am starting to prepare for the arrival of my mugsy. I have signed up for the cloud control. I was just looking through the alexa skills and I couldn’t find one for mugsy. Which skill do I need or is there something else I need to sign up for?

Exciting times!


It’s still in dev mode so it is not publicly available. I’ll update the settings, either tomo or Wednesday. Was planning on doing that this weekend but got swamped with non-work related stuff.

The skill is named Mugsy:

I’ll update here once it’s public.


Thanks Matt. Didn’t want to miss it :blush:


I’m just getting back to this today, will update once complete.


Just about done with this. Only thing I need to finish is the oAuth login update for Cloud Control. Alexa uses oAuth to link the skill to your Mugsy account.


Will you be releasing it for all regions? I’ve been stung by that one before :frowning: Would be great to see it in the UK store too.

Enjoy your weekend break


Definitely releasing it on the UK store too!


Ok, the Alexa app has been submitted to Amazon for approval. They say up to 7 days for it to hit the store. I’ll keep everyone updated.

I added a bunch more functionality. Things like machine status, bean and water level check, recipe creation and more. Im gonna make a demo video for tonight’s update. Will post it here as well.


Quick vid of some of the new intents. The coffee purchasing API is not linked with any vendors yet and just meant to demo how it will work when we get some of them onboarded.


Hi Matt, the skill hasn’t appeared in the UK skills list yet, unless it isn’t called mugsy… In which case I’m looking in the wrong place :rofl:


Still waiting for approval! Will be posting once I have it.


still no sign in the uk skills store :frowning:


Been ignoring this last week or so, will look into it tomo. Appreciate the heads up!


Looks like I had a conflict with the oAuth redirect URL for account linking. Fixed and resubmitted, should be a quick turnaround for approval.


Still no sign in the UK skills store :frowning:


The app has been approved but I have not switched it to publicly available yet. Plan is to launch it on Tuesday.


Still no sign in the uk skills store :frowning:


@michael It’s the same way in the US


Yeah, not sure whats up just yet. I’ve been away last 4 days so will be looking into this this afternoon/evening.


Still not in the UK skills store :sob: