Where is my machine?


Has anyone else gotten their machine? I have been waiting 7 months at this point…


No, we have not started shipping yet. I’m guessing you are not seeing the updates. They go out every 2-3 days and share where we are at. You can find the updates here:

And also on our Kickstarter page here:


I totally understand if you do not wish to wait any longer, if so let me know and I can get your order refunded.



@matt I’m totally willing to wait I am just worried you are not moving fast enough. I see a lot promise with this company, but I am looking at your BOM and I am having a hard time seeing how you are not losing money with every machine that goes out the door.

I really want you to succeed. Do you have any Mugsy machines out in the field being tested? I am the founder of a YCombinator backed startup with a few engineers that love both coffee and robots. That being said we have released a robot of our own and know that shipping and fixing the problems in the field is the best way to solve things quickly, effectively, and not going out of business.

Obviously, I don’t know what your business plans, funding plans, go to market or really anything about your business but if you want to chat on a more business/emotional level; let me know. I’m just an outside observer so feel free to ignore me if you don’t want the help.:relaxed:


@injoi Thanks, I do appreciate your perspective! I’m trying to stay away form the desk tonight but wanted to at least give initial responses to a couple of these points.

  1. I don’t want to go into too much detail on pricing at this point but we are not losing money on the machines. The current price is definitely cheap, especially at our current size. But the price is a compromise with our early backers. It’s basically saying “hey, we know this is a strange process with some possible bumps, so we’re gonna meet you halfway”. Margins and pricing will scale as we move into Mugsy V2. Completed units have much better margins than kits so that helps a lot.

  2. I’ve had a lot of investment offers but they were not a good fit for where we are currently at and where we plan on going. That being said, I am currently fielding much more serious and formalized investment offers from a couple of different groups that better align with our plans and philosophy/standards. This would go to hiring some additional engineers and getting some folks to help run the day to day ops so I can concentrate on features, dev and design, etc. Theres not much more to say on that yet, but when there is I will be sharing it.

I’d love to talk more, so feel free to reach out by email or if you’d like to set up a call. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and I really appreciate the kind words!