Where do you buy your coffee?


I buy all of my coffee from a roaster called Happy Mug. It’s all freshly roasted and comes out to $11-13 per pound, with a flat rate shipping cost of $3. And they’re so good.
They also sell unroasted beans, but I only have experience with Sweet Marias for those. Anyway, I’d love to learn where other coffee lovers buy their beans.
Or, if anybody else roasts, please let me know and I can start a thread for that too! I could definitely use some tips.


I like to mix it up, but my go to is the YirgZ from La Columbe. I live right near one of those shops so I don’t have to order bags, but they can sometimes be a few weeks old by the time I pick up.


https://nautilusroasting.com/ forever!


This’ll make me some enemies, but I actually like Target’s “Archer Farms” coffee.

Well priced, fair trade, organic, good selection, and easy to get.


I use this guys beans at the moment: https://twitter.com/HairyBarista

They are only available in the store which is out here in remote Devon in the UK. You will all just have to take my word for it, they’re delicious.

Does anyone know if Nautilus have a presence in the UK? I would be keen to try them but shipping from their website is more than double the cost per bag.


I subscribe to Blue Bottle’s Single Origin mail subscription


Oh man, as much as I’d like to do that, I’m not sure I could justify $18 for 12oz of coffee. I get mine (Happy Mug) for $11-13 per pound (16oz), and that’s probably pushing it for my budget. I’ll Be sure to try out their sample!


I’ve bought from happy mug and been … well happy. I mostly bought green unroasted bean when I did home roasting.

I also like Bodka coffee, Onyx coffee, and Red Bird.


I’ve been impressed with Craft Coffee so far. Roasted in and shipped from Brooklyn, NY. Nice selection, freshly roasted very close to shipping time, and a good price ($7/bag and up). Use code 79k-cap for 15% off.


I was just visiting family back east and discovered a great coffee roaster in Laconia NH, Wayfarer Coffee Roasters, bought a couple bags while there but also see that they sell online and ship so might start ordering some from them too.



I roast my own. Enough for up to a week max.


Ooh, why’s your setup look like? I only have a popcorn popper that I bought specifically for that purpose. Hopefully I can upgrade someday!


I bought a popcorn popper also but the one I got didn’t work well, so I got the Behmor 1600 Plus (http://behmor.com/behmor-1600-plus/). It’s not perfect by any means, but the coffee I roast in there is like nothing I’ve ever gotten anywhere. Much more flavor from the beans. Much richer flavor, without the bitter, and yet not acidic either. My wife get’s mad when I let the beans run out as we have a hard time drinking anything else now though… it’s really hard to describe, it’s almost like a different drink. half way to a dark chocolate mocha or something.

One day I want to build a gas home roaster… maybe the next kickstarter project? :smiley:


I was just thinking about that this morning! @matt should really make an auto-roasting robot next! I wouldn’t even know where to start if I was looking into that.


I roast my own too. We use an RK drum and a gas grill and do all our heat and bean temp measurements with a couple raspberry pi’s. Best coffee I’ve ever had. Hoping to start selling some locally soon because its so good. :slight_smile:


Would love to get my hands on some of this!


Of course! I’m getting a 65lb box today and plan on doing a roast next week. Let me know where to send it, and I’ll overnight it so you can try it super fresh!