What's going on with shipping updates?


Hey @Jimmy, pretty sure @matt will be posting an update tomorrow.
You can also use this link for individual info:


Thanks @johndezember!

@Jimmy There will be an update on Friday. Your order # is likely another 5-6 weeks away but I can get a bit more fine tuned over email.


Forgive my frustration, but I’ve been hearing 5-6 more weeks for months and months now. I’m Backer #260, and at this point I’ve written that money off as a loss. I hope there is some glimmer of hope that a ridiculously amazing coffee maker might show up someday. Deep Dive has never changed for me.


@Jimmy, If you are anxious like me about seeing updates on the google sheet, you can click on tools > notification rules. Then set what action triggers an email and how you want to get that email.


Hi Matt!

Which is the more up to date shipping tool, the deep dive or the google sheet?

The deep dive says it should have been shipped by September 27. The sheet says still in process.

Thanks man!


@Tbonfig Hey! Yeah, the estimate will update in Deep Dive once it moves into sort. Completed units do take longer so you will see later kit order #s moving before yours does. Email me if you need any more details.

@mistermac I totally hear you and know how frustrating it can be seeing deadlines get pushed back. It’s frustrating for me too! But no need to write off your money as a wash, I have a no questions asked refund policy and am happy to refund your purchase if you are no longer interested in waiting.


Sorry for the frustration, Matt! I’m still on board. Just REALLY lloking forward to getting my hands on this thing! Last update helped me out!


No worries at all. I appreciate the support!


OOOO Deep dive has shown a status change! I am now in Prep!.. wait, what does that mean? No matter, I am EXCITED!:scream:


Yeah, and what does "sort " mean, for that matter? Not that that applies to me yet…


Mine too. Apparently it’s made it to my country. :smiley:


Hey guys, apologies for missing these replies! I’m at an onsite for my day job today/tonight but will jump on these tomorrow. Cheers!


So as for the previous questions:

Prep: means the unit is being packed up and will head out in one of the next shipments.
Sort: means it has hit the initial fulfilment center. From there it needs to be pushed to the final FC. When it hits sorted it is at its last FC and will be spawning tracking at some point in the near future.


Is there an known/average duration of each step? Still at prep, though I am waiting like Mr. Burns, going “excellent” while refreshing the page.:grin:


What’s your order number? From there @matt can tell you when he’s thinking your unit will ship, and from there it depends where you’re located. It will most likely hop through Amazon fulfillment centers until it reaches the final one, where it’ll be sorted. There’s not a huge sense of expediency on Amazon’s side of things. May take a bit longer if it’s has to go through customs. There have been a number of issues after the package gets sorted, and a shipping label is created incorrectly, but hopefully that issue is resolved now and we’ll be seeing more movement on that front early this coming week.


So… Deep dive says ‘Prep’, spreadsheet says ‘sort’. Which is accurate? I’m around the 220 mark.

I know there’s a lot of moving parts - it would just be nice to have a realistic idea when to expect it.


Deep dive is the most accurate


Hi HA !
Deep Dive says Shipped ! #00006
Tracking seems ineffective.
Can I have an ETA please ?
It’s going to be the big box under the XMast Tree :smile:


@lc.fabre Hey! I’m onsite for the day job until late afternoon/evening but will get back to you tonight with details on your shipment. Cheers!


@lc.fabre Looks like it’s is still waiting to clear customs. I will dig in again on Monday to get you an ETA. You should get a location update on Tuesday/Wednesday but will confirm before then.