What's actually in the kit?


One of the questions I had before I committed was what exactly is in the kit?. As the latest update mentions with an asterisk/note: the render doesn’t include all the components that are in the kit. Is it hard to make a (early) list of the parts that are included in the kit version?


Good call, I can definitely make a list. I’m in NJ for meetings today but will complete it before end of day. I’ll post it here as well as in a KS update.


Here is the basic parts list for the DIY Kit(Pi included). Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • 4x Bamboo Panel(waterproofed)
  • 8x Acrylic Panel
  • M3 Hex Socket Screws/Nuts(Assorted Lengths)
  • 2x Peristaltic Water Pump
  • Aluminum Extrusion(6.66 meters combined length across all individual pieces)
  • 110-240v Universal Motor For Grinder
  • Steel Conical Burrs For Grinder
  • 7 inch Touch Screen
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Gearbox For Grinder
  • 4 Channel Relay Board
  • Arduino Compatible Board (ATMEGA328P)
  • Stainless Steel Pour Over Cone
  • 110-240v Heating Element
  • 80mm Exhaust Fan
  • 4x 608 Bearings
  • 44mm Aluminum Knob
  • 8gb SD Card
  • Barcode Scanner Module
  • RGB LED(For front panel)
  • RGB LED Ring(For Cup Platform)
  • 1x Hex Screwdriver
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • 2x Rotary Encoder
  • Mugsy Pi Hat Breakout
  • Arduino Wiring Breakout Board
  • 50x 90 Degree Corner Brackets
  • RFID Reader Breakout
  • RFID Mounting Plate
  • 180 Degree Servo
  • 12v Motor (Pour Over Cone)
  • L298N Dual H Bridge Motor Controller
  • 5v/12v Dual Power Supply
  • Pour Over Cone Mount
  • Pour Over Water Sweep
  • Silicone Tubing
  • 2x Temp Sensor for PID Control
  • Force sensor for grinding by weight
  • All Mounts/hardware/switches/cables/wires/standoffs
  • 1.7 Liter Removable Water Container
  • Bean Hopper
  • Illustrated Build Manual
  • 5x RFID Stickers
  • 2x Wooden RFID KeyFob
  • Power Plug (style is region specific)
  • Grind Size Gearing

The kickstarter DIY kit and beans
Supply your own RPi

@webguy I added this to tonights KS update and tagged you, appreciate you taking the time to ask about this!



Thanks. This is perfect, looking forward to it and this just underlines what an awesome project this is.


Thanks, means a lot to hear that!


Wow, I’m both excited and intimidated as this seems an order of magnitude more complex than past projects i’ve worked on. But seeing as it’s a kit rather than my own creation, I’m not too worried. Really looking forward to building my mugsy.


I don’t think you need to be too intimidated. It sounds like everything should fit together nicely, and I’m sure our instructions will be clear and concise. I’m also really excited to build my Mugsy. It’s been too long since I’ve had a project to tinker with.


Hey, that’s a nice list! I was wondering how the powering of Mugsy will be handled. From the list I see that there’s a dual 12V/5V power supply, but then there’s also a 110-240V heating element. Will there be a single 110-240V power supply? And how will that be connected to the mains? Having a standard appliance coupler such as a C7/C8 or C13/C14 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEC_60320#C7/C8_coupler and below) would be great, since that would allow anyone with different sockets to connect their cable.


@squirejames Thanks! That’s exactly what we are doing. Mugsy will ship with whatever specific plug is compatible with your region. The main power supply is compatible with 110-240 and that supply also powers the 12V/5v supply for the electronics and motors.


Would you be able to provide the model/sku for the barcode scanner?


The barcode scanner module is a NT-E101A from Netum Electronics. It is a new-ish single board version that has the USB encoder built in so it doesn’t need the daughter board.


Wow! (notAir!!) This looks incredible. Imo the only thing this needs is a ZigBee hat and we would have the perfect sentry console for a home security system.

I have actually been rummaging over whether or not I should splurge on a RPi starter pack. I am glad I still haven’t because I have found the perfect starting point and my order is already in. :smile:

Although it feels almost embarrasing how excited I am about this thing. :star_struck:


I’m so pumped for my kit. I can’t express enough how Matt has done such an amazing job of communication. Writing the book on how to do a Kickstarter.