What to do with a RPi 4


So I’m sure there are plenty of questions as to why someone would need the added power of a Pi4 versus something else they have lying around which leads to the following feature request:

  • cup detection/identification

You could use the RPi4 to visually inspect and recognize a cup is placed and ready for “coffee now” and even to some degree how big it is and adjust the fluid flow.

Next level: recognize which cup it is and maybe change the “recipe” as it where for different users.

The other semi-obvious uses would be to:

  • Run Alexa/Google or custom Voice Rec on Mugsy.
  • Run a home hub controller (like node red) or a MQTT broker on Mugsy

Just saying - it could be fun to use some extra HP


Some good ideas! I know Matt has worked on some visual recognition, although I think it was with grind size. Cup ID would be neat, but there’s also the option to put an RFID tag and have it be read that way.

We’re trying to get some onboard vocal recognition here! Please add your voice if you get the chance!


IMO it’s enough just to have headroom to be able to run pihole, homebridge etc on top of running Mugsy.

But IF recognition of cup would be possible that’d be super cool, I have a travel mug and would be cool to get exactly the right amount of coffee automagically when heading out