What is 'rough' shipping estimates? (my old machine died)


Well my old coffee machine died so need to get a new one… Been waiting on my Mugsy kit so need to get something in the meantime and just trying to see on a rough time frame so I know if I should just get something cheap that lasts a month or so or need better for half a year.


The first 4 kits from this week are basically a test run. There will be a 7-10 day lull before shipping anything else as I verify that everything went as expected. Once that period is over we start shipping kits in bulk, I think a safe estimate for that first week back is 25 units. Next week will be 50 units, then 75 on the next.

The weekly work breakdown is:

  • Monday to Tuesday: Prep and organize parts
  • Wednesday to Thursday: Pack boxes
  • Friday: Ship

Once we are at 75 kits per week we should get though all of the kickstarter kits in another 3 weeks.

So thats just about 6-7 weeks to get through all the kickstarter orders. I think you are just around order #40 from the website batch so you would be in the first run of those going out. I’m just going by rough numbers, there might be a chance you would actually fit into the last batch of kickstarter orders to get us up to 75 total units. So rough estimate for your order is 6-8 weeks.

There is a chance that we will hit the higher targets sooner, but I can’t really say until I start getting some actual real world data on how everything is progressing.


Thanks for the update!


Get a chemex and kettle, then get the height extensions for mugsy. You can do pour overs for a couple weeks then when mugsy arrives you can drip into the CHEMEX!


I’d suggest one of these over a chemex, that way you can use this cone in your Mugsy and have it drip into this decanter!


jumping on the question but what are the estimates for the pre-order kits?


It will take another 4-5 weeks to ship all website pre-orders. So rough estimate is from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your order #. I’m hoping we can start pushing more than 75 units a week by the time we get there, but I’m sticking with that qty for the estimates until I see actual output data.


So, are website orders different from Kickstarter orders? When should all the KS orders be fulfilled?


My KS Backer # is 260


Yes, Kickstarter orders are fulfilled first. All Kickstarter orders should be shipped within 6-7 weeks. Your unit would be somewhere in the 4-5 week window.


The Pi is a wee bit unreliable isn’t it?


There can be issues with using SD cards for boot media but other than that, I have found that Pis are quite reliable. I have some that I haven’t rebooted in a year or two still humming along and happily serving requests.

Now, I’m sure there are many stories of many Pis having been killed by things like bad circuits, bad code and assorted smoke releasing events. But those deaths are typically due to a general lack of hacking experience and not design issues with the Pi itself.

As for the SD card issues, it’s usually due to very high write activity. Local back ups won’t help with this but remote back ups will. This is probably a good use case for having some sort of json or xml back up script on Mugsy to save entire configs minus media.


Random thought… would there be an option to mount the sd card filesystem as read only and have all the changeable data/settings stored solely cloud based? (although then you could not brew without internet)
edit or have all that stored on a replaceable usb drive


I torture the various pi computer I have and only ever killed one sd card. It was a cheap unbranded one.

I am not worried about using a pi in my future coffee machine.


Hi Matthew!
I am waiting for a Kit requested for the contribution in Kickstarter in March 2018, I apologize for not being aware of the information updates. Could you inform me if you have estimated a shipping time? My order number is 201.
Thank so much for your help.


Hey @OscarParzon, the latest shipping info can be found here:

And more specific info will be available here, soon:


@johndezember Thanks!

@OscarParzon I’ll be away from my desk until the evening but will get back to you then. Thanks!


@johndezember, @matt
Thank you very much for the info.