What is going on with shipping or refunds?


@matt I haven’t received the refund so far…


@MasterYety Will get you an update tonight.


@matt I have still not received the money.


@MasterYety Will dig into this in the AM and reach out over email.


@matt Haven’t received a reply yesterday.


Hey Guy, wow Order #577 mine is #85 Kickstarter preorder.
I also have no notice about anything going on received, yet. Not via Kickstarter, Website, or email.

If I look at the wekkly News I wonder how it could be that noeone gets a Mugsy yet except the betatesters?

Hey Mat tell us what the problem ist or you will soon loose allt the waiting guys and see you confronted with hundreds of refounds.

Please tells the truth, I am waiting now I think more than a year was I patient or foolish?

(Sorry for my bad english I am native German)

Cheers Franky


@matt I submitted a refund request 9 days ago without a response. Ticket # 713.


sry was not able to share my email correspondence


I’m waiting on a refund from almost 2 months ago now, tried to email matt but got no response


@matt this is embarrassing. Please respond to tickets, including mine #713


Von: Frank@wrhel.de
Gesendet: Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020 10:34
An: ‘heymugsy.com
Betreff: AW: Mugsy Questions Backer #85
Hi Matt,
thx for your reply, lets see what will happen in 6 Weeks
have a good time and stay healthy


Ugh The problem is that I do not have permission to post more than 2 Links in one message - so I postet only my lrepla to you refound offer MatT
Cheers Franky


Pardon, but what?
Have you asked for a refund, or have you asked something else and what’s going to happen in 6 weeks?


Sorry i thought my post would be displayed under my las post - my fault - Matt offered me an refound after my complaint about shipping times etc. but I refused to claim that because I want a mugsy - I love the project and I wish that it comes to a good end and we all get mugsys as much as we want :smiley:
I was just unshure how long it will further take to reach the goal.
Maybe the problem is that I want a fully build ready to brew mugsy.


@matt, Whats up with order #00600 .
How far away is it?