What is going on with shipping or refunds?


My emails about shipping status I get the answer shipping starts “in the next week” - I hear this since month.

When I ask about refunds, my messages get ignored.

What is going on?


@snud I will get back to you this evening. Thanks!


@snud, can you post or send me your order # so I can find your info? Thanks!


I have tried to reach out to you both through email and through the contact form on the page but no answer.

I have order and payed for a Mugsy with order number #00600
What is the status? Am I going to receive it? When?



My order number is 308. I asked for a refund multiple times (didn’t order over Kickstarter but the website)


@snud, sent you an email with your refund details. Cheers!


Didn’t receive an email so far (also not in the junk folder).


@snud sorry about that, looks like the ticket reply was routed back to me. Just sent a new email separate form the ticketing system.


I’ve also sent a few emails about cancellation and not heard back.
My preorder number is #00092


@Valendryn I will get you a reply tonight, thanks!


Now two weeks have passed and I still don’t see any refund showing up in my bank account. How can you feel comfortable telling people you will do refunds or ship boxes when you don’t?


I asked for a refund several days ago, too. Have not received any reply so far.

The way the project is currently running does not make me feel comfortable anymore. Too many unfulfilled promises… Sorry! I would have really liked to build and own a Mugsy. I ordered in february last year and have not seen anything but expired ETAs so far. So I’ll pull the trigger right now and kindly ask for a refund. BTW: I am order #238


@snud will check on your refund and send you an email tonight. I have honored all refund requests but some do take longer than others. I will make sure to hit you back tonight and get this sorted for you.

@MasterYety Apologies, it has been extra difficult managing/triaging emails/tickets for the last two weeks and response times are longer than I would like. I will get back to you tonight when I’m at my desk for tonight’s update.


@matt No email arrived last night. No refund arrived either.


@matt, @snud Same over here. :confused:

The ticket has not been updated, since I have created it.


@snud @MasterYety You guys should both have emails from me now. Thanks!


@matt Thanks, I received your mail about starting the refund process.
@snud I’ll give an update in future, if everything worked. If I forget to do it, feel free to ask me for it. :wink:


So after almost two month of waiting time I can confirm I just received the refund. Thank you!


Hi Matt,

Might I be able to inquire on the status of the two Mugsy units that I have ordered? I am order # 577. The Deep Dive was last updated 25 Mar 20, with a projected date of 20 Apr 20 for shipping. Is this projected shipping date looking more solid, or is it more likely to be pushed back again?

Thank you for your time.


@snud @matt I haven’t received the payment so far. But this might be due to my account being at a German bank… Will keep you guys updated.