Water supply options


How is the water tank connected to the pump?
I have a reverse osmosis water filter with a line run to the kitchen. I’m thinking about taking a tap off this line directly to Mugsy’s pump so I never have to refill the tank.


Maybe a better question would be:
How much pressure can the pumps that ship with Mugsy handle?

I’ve poked around Wikipedia and other sites learning about peristaltic/positive displacement pumps and it seems they are generally unaffected by back pressure, but each pump must have a limit.


Hey John, not sure on pressure limits for the pumps, let me get back to you on that. I do have some rough plans for a plumbing hook up kit that I was planning on releasing as an upgrade. It’s doable but not fully fleshed out yet.


Thanks, Matt!

Maybe swapping the pump for a solenoid valve would be an option?


The pumps actually move the heated water from the boiler to the water spout. So you wouldn’t need to replace the pump. It would require some plumbing into the reservoir but other than that, a solenoid valve with a flow sensor would probably do the trick.


Gotcha, that makes sense.


This occurred to me too! A big problem I have with my basic coffeemaker is that you always have to refill the water.
Excellent idea