Voice Commands for Mugsy


I don’t have an Echo or G-home device, but these could be fun for adding voice commands to Mugsy:
Steven Hickson’s PiAUISuite or Snowboy by kitt.ai

Here’s a link to a “Hey Mugsy” hotword for Snowboy.
It’ll get better if more people help train it:

Both of these need either a webcam with integrated mic or USB audio interface and a mic.

What to do with a RPi 4
Onboard Speech Processing

Very cool! I added to the Snow Boy hotword trianing. Thanks for setting that up!


The “Hey Mugsy” hotword only needs 497 more samples before it can be made universal for everyone! #gettingthere :roll_eyes:

Submit your sample using the Snowboy link in the first post.

Supposedly, this USB mic works with the Raspberry Pi. I’m going to give it a try.


I really need to remember to do that next time I’m at a non-work computer. I keep forgetting. Whoops


Ill push the link on the social channels so we can get some more traction.


I’ve been bugging my wife to do it too so we can get some diversity in the voice samples!


Good call, just had my girlfriend do one.