Video of end-to-end usage?


I’ll have an update on this when I’m at my desk tonight. Thanks!


My next shot for finishing vids will be on Wednesday. I’m hyper-focused on the build manual right now and don’t want to switch gears while I have this momentum built up. I’ll be back here tomo with the new content, probable after 8pm EST.

Not sure if you saw this earlier brew test video, but wanted to post it just in case you have not yet seen the pour over mech running in unit:


Will be jumping back on this tomorrow.


1 month later from your last comment.

I wonder do you even use mugsy for your morning coffee? If you do, why dont you just video that one and share it with us?


Sorry man, as noted in the last several updates all I have been working on is code and the build manual the past few weeks. I actually don’t use my dev unit to brew coffee every morning. It’s usually apart while I’m improving or testing something. The only footage I don’t have on the youtube channel so far is water filling. I do have more room now that the code is done and the build manual is almost complete so will try and get on this this week.


Wanted to post some of the videos I shared on the other channels while the forum was down.

4x Speed Brew:

cloudControl and Coffee Now Desktop App Demo:

Bean Filling(no lid on hopper):

I will be adding some more vides on the coming days/weeks.



Thanks Matt. There’s something wrong with the sound on the first video though. It sounds like piano or something. :smirk: