Video of end-to-end usage?


Hey @eightbt, need some more time on this so will be shooting tomorrow. Will send you a note here when done. Cheers!


No worries! Look forward to seeing it.


also interested to see this as well.


Hi, still waiting for the video. Can you show us start to finish please.


@kwetiaw Still working on this! Will be another day or two. Cheers!


OK, at about 80% on the video, next chance to finish up will be tomorrow so as long as everything gets done it will be going out on Thursday.


thanks, still waiting, patiently-ish


Still nothing for us?


Was stuck.on software most of the week. Planning on finishing in time for Wednesday’s OS release.


HI matt, any luck with this request? it has been 1 month since OP.


Sorry @kwetiaw, way behind on non-code work last couple of weeks. I have a bit more to do and am trying my hardest to have it for the next update. Will keep you posted.


hi @matt i am a bit disappointed with today’s update as it didnt include the end to end video usage of mugsy.

i am not asking about the properly made cinematic video, just merely of a mobile phone recording that shows the entire process.

Are you able to do that? surely that will only take few minutes to record and upload to youtube. or even do a live streaming on youtube to show the end to end brewing process.

As mentioned, the OP asked this question few months ago, but we only got promises so far.



Since some people have now received their Mugsys, perhaps one of them could make a video?


@kwetiaw Apologies, I hear you loud and clear. I’m going to be at the job site until tomorrow but will jump on it Monday eve or Tuesday when I’m back at Mugsy HQ.


perhaps they could, will be good to see.


Just finally back from the job site. Jumping on this ASAP.


Hi @matt still waiting for the rest of the videos? You promised few more to come last week but havent seen any more since? Please deliver the promised videos.


I’ll have an update on this when I’m at my desk tonight. Thanks!


My next shot for finishing vids will be on Wednesday. I’m hyper-focused on the build manual right now and don’t want to switch gears while I have this momentum built up. I’ll be back here tomo with the new content, probable after 8pm EST.

Not sure if you saw this earlier brew test video, but wanted to post it just in case you have not yet seen the pour over mech running in unit:


Will be jumping back on this tomorrow.