Use case in office


Hey, really love the idea and really excited by it.

Currently trying to convince the office to buy one, and have a couple of use case related questions…

  1. Can it make a single cup at a time, and vise a versa, how many max cups can it make at a time?
  2. What’s the cleaning process after each cup like?

If I’ve read correctly, the time to a single cup is between 3 and 8 minutes depending on settings?



Thanks @FD22, much appreciated!

  1. Yes, single cup brewing is Mugsy’s standard set up. If you add in the extensions to raise the height of the head unit, you can brew into carafes. Here is a video of a unit with the extensions brewing into a carafe:

  2. Cleaning is pretty easy, pull the side panel, remove the cone and then dump the grounds and give it a quick rinse. Here is a video of the side panel removal from back when I was still designing the mounts:

As for brew times, Mugsy can anticipate when you will brew coffee and it will keep the water temp at your preferred setting. When set up like this, brew time is around 3 minutes(depending on recipe). This does use more power though so it can be set to only heat water when you want a cup as well. Heating is quick, but there is a delay while the temp stabilizes.

Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks @matt, didn’t know about the videos. Very helpful!