Ticket system not working


@matt, there seems to be a problem in your freshdesk ticketing system.

My ticket #300 is still open, without any action being taken. Can you confirm ?

I can check the status but there doesn’t seem to be any progress.

Kind regards,


+1 for this, I’ve ticket #344


@MartijnRidder @Hsus Apologies for the delays, just hit both of your tickets.


Thank you!

For the record, I’m still in love with the mugsy project and would love nothing more than to see it succeed and being able to buy it later on (at a higher price :wink: )

I wish you the best of luck @matt!


When are you going to reply to my questions?
I want to know where I stand now!

When get I the Diy kit or get an refund.



Any updates on my ticket yet?

I noticed the payment return is not complete yet. Can you confirm this?

Thanx, and keep up the good work!



Update please? What happened with my ticket?


I will have a chance to hit all of these languishing posts by tomorrow or Wednesday. Appreciate your patience.


@matt,. Did you get a chance to process my ticket yet ?

Thanx in advance !


Same here @matt. Still waiting on #715