Tea and other warm beverages


Hello Everyone!

First post here, I actually just pre-ordered Mugsy and am looking forwarding to hacking around with it and expanding upon my coffee knowledge. I actually had an idea a few ideas about handling tea in a similar fashion before I stumbled upon Mugsy, and would be happy to play around with the system some if anyone else is interested. I’m by no means an aficionado (of coffee or tea), but I do know there are several different brew times and temperatures for the different types of teas, and that loose-leaf vs bagged teas produce different results.

Anyways, looking forward to getting involved and learning quite a bit more.


Hey @jbruntri!
While I prefer coffee, my wife prefers tea. I have been taking with her about the different types that she likes and have also been looking into water temps and steep times for them.
These should be easy to store as recipes in Mugsy’s database so everyone can get better cup of tea, too


@morecoffee, @johndezember - I wonder how much movement there is in the server arm? Instead of removing the filter to pour hot water in a cup, could you put two mugs side by side: One under the filter for coffee, one next to it with a teabag. Then the server arm could sweep ‘outside’ the filter and pour straight into the cup.

I can imagine it becoming complicated though - needing/reading multiple RFID chips from mugs and such.


The water sweep arm can extend past the perimeter of the cone a bit, but not much. The main issue would be that it doesn’t extend past the actual pour over mechanism/mount.

I don’t know anything about tea, but if it didn’t require the sweeping motion you could add in a solenoid valve and have a second hot water output for brewing both at once. Brew the coffee, then have the valve swap outputs and do the tea.

The blocker here would be dealing with the two cups in one session, sorting out tea with the standard setup will be the easier problem to solve.


Everyone in my household uses teabags or loose leaf tea in sieve and a second solenoid/output dispensing a set volume of water would be the easiest way. It would need more manual input and a bit more care than coffee brewing to make sure the correct cup was in place but as an easy fix it would work.