Tea and other warm beverages


Not sure if this is the place to discuss this, but I drink a bunch of other warm/hot beverages. I am super curious to also use Mugsy for tea. Especially green and black tea. I know this isn’t the core purpose of Mugsy, but I am curious to use it for this and if documentation will be provided for other uses besides coffee.


Hey Ben, great question. For V1 of Mugsy it was really important to stick to one function and do it perfectly. Thats why he currently only makes pour overs. But there are definitely some tweaks and add ons that could make brewing tea just as simple.

We have a plan to design a drop in replacement for the cone to make Mugsy compatible with tea brewing but this phase will not start until all initial orders are shipped. So it’s definitely a ways off.

I’m not familiar enough with tea brewing to say if our cone’s immersion times would be enough for a proper tea extraction in it’s current form. You will be able to completely bypass the cone/grinder to just get hot water which may serve as a temporary work around.

All that being said, I know many users feel the same way and expect some methods and parts to come out of the community even before we design our part.

So when we ship, I can’t say that we will definitely have docs ready to go, but very soon after that we will start the process of testing the different options and releasing that data as we get it.

I think in a few weeks I will have some time to do limited testing with different teas and flow rates and immersion times. It probably wont be an immediate solution or method but it should be enough to know whats required and get us moving in the right direction.

Thanks again for the great question and I hope all is well!


Awesome! Thank you for all the information!


I guess one issue you might have is that different teams need to be brewed at different temperatures. eg 99°c for black tea, which is probably hotter than Mugsy can do at the moment. I think green tea requires a similar temperature to coffee.

@matt Can the temperature be controlled in the software?


Mugsy can handle temps up to 110 c without issue and yes, temperature is fully controllable.



Obviously I meant “teas”. :astonished:


I was looking at getting a temperature controlled electric kettle (the one I have now gas no temp control), but I’m thinking I’ll just use Mugsy for it!


Would stock Mugsy be able to deliver hot water to a mug without the filter in place? If so that might satisfy basic tea needs.


@morecoffee, as I understand from other comments, yes. The filter can be removed so hot water would go straight to the mug.


First hack needs to be for mugsy to recognize the phrase:

“Computer: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”


You can make it so Alexa responds to ‘Computer,’ right? If so, that would probably be an extremely simple integration.


Glad to see that with the V1 you aren’t letting scope creep get you. If people want something they can mod the Mugsy for it. It should be the Mugsy, not the Thermosy or the TeaBox.


I didn’t know that about tea

You improved my life thank you


More in the “other warm beverages” side, but how does/is there a way for Mugsy to work with powdered drinks like hot chocolate?

Bigger question, how would it work with pre-ground coffee? I know the whole premise of it is “from bean to cup”, but my mom has a literal stock pile of her favourite pre-ground blends, that she gets in bulk whenever they are in season…


@Lordzoabar You could very easily put the powder in the cup and just use Mugsy to heat up the water and our it in the cup.

On the preground side, you’d probably need to put the coffee in the cone yourself and have Mugsy do its thing without grinding.

Obviously, I don’t know all the technical stuff with Mugsy yet, but I don’t see why those wouldn’t work, just not as seamlessly as with whole beans.


This could be a Mugsy XL option in the future, where one or more hoppers could hold preground or other mix in type beverages.


A suggestion on the preground side is that I would think it would be pretty easy figure out an opening on top to put preground coffee in that puts it in the cone then have a preset for using preground coffee that removes the grind operation. This would be like fully automatic espresso machines I have used which have a place for preground coffee and a hopper for whole beans.

As for tea and other beverages the one thing to keep in mind is that anything that coffee has touched could easily cause some coffee flavor to make it in there, I generally try to keep my tea making stuff just for tea and coffee stuff just for coffee for that reason. Without knowing the exact setup and testing it, it is hard to say, but if you want to use it for coffee, and other beverages might consider modding for a bypass of some kind for a completely separate spout for just hot water. I don’t know if that would be necessary without testing it though.


I think that @matt had mentioned in another post that the filter could be removed to allow hot water to flow directly into a mug, bypassing anything that coffee has touched.


@dphillips That is true. One of the things I like most though, is the whole “dump an entire bag of coffee in and let it do it’s thing”. Maybe a future option could be a scooper that can be switched out with the grinder.


I wonder if it’s possible to just use the grinder with the top burr removed to throw whatever dry goods you have down the grinder chute. Cross-contamination would be an issue but it might work ok.

I also have some initial designs for a V2 chute with the water sweep servo mounted to it. That will open up a lot of clearance around the cone’s front/sides. Might be enough to fit in a second chute attached to a smaller hopper. Some type of paddle gear is probably enough to disperse powders and teas. And the left front section of the head unit is fairly empty.