Supply your own RPi



I just wanted to check that with the DIY kit excluding the RPi, the only thing I will need to purchase is a RPi 3 B+ and an SD card? I don’t need a case or power supply or anything else Piey?


Hi, @michael, I think you’ll only need the board. An SD card is also included in the kit, so you shouldn’t need that.
Ref: What’s actually in the kit?


Thanks @johndezember, you are correct. The Pi-less kit comes with an SD card with the Mugsy runtime preloaded.


Perfect! Thanks both!


Do we need to use the RPi 3 B+ or will the the RPi 3 be compatible as well?

I have a RPi 3 waiting to be put to good use already.


Hi, @philtom2000, great question! I’m hoping the older boards will be fine. I have a spare RPi 3 earmarked for my Mugsy.

@matt has recently posted some pics/vids on instagram running tests using what looks like a 3 board (one example), so I think that’s a good sign :smiley:


@philtom2000 Yes! @johndezember is correct. The 3b is compatible and is what I’m doing most of the dev on still. There may be some minor differences, such as speed of display rendering, but it will be 100% compatible.


will you provide the image in case we corrupt or sd card?..cough…i’ve never broken any cough


Yup! And I was able to add in SD card extender cables for the kits, so the hackers will have an easier time swapping out SD cards: