Standard "brew"


I am new to the pour over coffee revolution. Mugsy is my first proper pour over system. I’m coming from a standard filter machine.

Firstly I’m excited to be getting in early as I think devices like mugsy, if not mugsy are the future. I’m already working out ways to link it to my Alexa morning routine!

Will mugsy have some present defaults out of the box? I know it’s subjective but some starting coffee templates would massively help novices like me. Having a good cup of coffee to start and then tweaking to make it amazing would be my thoughts.

Secondly any bean recommendations for UK users?



Yep! Mugsy will have a number of coffee presets right out of the box! From there you’ll be able to tweak recipes as you like, or keep getting an easy, good cup of coffee. Matt’s goal for Mugsy was to be as simple as possible (while still being hackable) while still providing an amazing cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any bean recommendations. @jjok might be able to help you out there, since I believe he’s also in the UK.


Hey @michael - where about’s in the UK are you? There’s a map here that you might find useful ( it’s by no means complete but has a bunch of user recommended cafes on it.

I live in London and there are TONS of roasters here - a lot of them deliver online. I really love Dark Arts Coffee


Pact is a popular online subscription - or a newer subscription service for the UK is One Click Coffee

I could go on forever - I will list a bunch of places I personally like below. if you want something easy then a service like Pact is great, or if like me you like to try different things on offer then just do some research online and order a bag here and there from different roasters that take your fancy :slight_smile:

(because I am a new user it will only let me post two links at a time :laughing: so that list of coffee places is going to have to wait!)


I’ll take a look. I’m in Norwich so a way out from the big smoke. Might go in and have a chat with someone. :slight_smile:


Looks like there’s some good options on the map I linked in Norwich. Would be quite keen to try that Kofra Coffee myself - might order some!


Hey. I’m in the UK (Gloucester). I don’t really know any local companies, though. I tend to buy coffee when I go away to places, and I’ve always got a backlog, so I’ve never really looked into local companies.


Also worth checking out the Indy Coffee Guides :ok_hand:t2:


There are 3 new roasting companies in Oxford. But it is also worth visiting specialist coffee shops that sell two dozen types of coffee, rather than just the few mass market ones sold in supermarkets. There is one like that in the Oxford Covered Market - cheaper than the roasting companies. I once spent some time buying 150g of every single variety they sold. I will have to do it again, as I didn’t take notes. So look for the best coffee retailers wherever you live.