Stainless steel cone


Do you have the dimensions filter cone (or just what the part number is?)

Something I found out in that last couple months is the filter itself makes a big difference in taste (and I’ve found the Chemex filters makes the best coffee.) Plus, cleaning is significantly easier, just grabbing the filter with the grounds and tossing them together.



The diameter of the cone is 3" and the distance from the top of the cone to the point is 2". I’d be surprised if you could find a filter to fit it. Here’s a picture of the cone next to my hario v60 (the 02 size).

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


Oh wow that’s way smaller than I was picturing. I have used Chemex filters before in a V60 size 01 by just trimming them down to match the V60’s filter size, I could try playing around with cutting them down even more.

Thanks for the dimensions/photo!


If it ends up working for you, please let us all know!
If you pick one of these up (a v60 without a handle), you should be able to throw it in your Mugsy and cut down your Chemex filters.


Just out of curiousity - if you’re holding a Mugsy cone are you one of the lucky early recipients? Is it everything I/we have hoped and dreamed off?

Green with envy…

Oh, and does anyone know if you can but the v60 without the handle on it’s own? Seems silly to buy a decanter and v60 only to throw away the decanter.


The glass model v60s have a detachable plastic handle, so I think that’d be the cheapest, least-wasteful way to get a cone only.


@Olle He got one of the early kits, but he only has half of it right now. I had some packing issues with the boiler section that I needed a few days to resolve. But yeah, thats a Mugsy cone, looks like he took the silicone ring off though.

@randybruder There is glass Kalita Wave with no handle that I’ve been using while testing. Works really well! Don’t have the link handy but will look for it later.


Good eye! I had taken the ring off for the picture.


@matt @dphillips Cool! Nice to see that it’s not all a very long (and elabourate) con. :wink:

@matt @randybruder Thank you - I like paper filters as well so I’ll check those out.