Spec's & Grinder usage


So. I got in on the Kickstarter kit w/ raspi. Super excited & my first Kickstarter backing. I’ve got a bunch of questions because … well I am a coffee enthusiast. Not knowing the answers didn’t keep me from backing, but I’m starting to get a little curious. If these aren’t yet know that’s fine and if I missed documentation covering this please let me know.

How many grams of coffee is the filter holder designed to hold?
On a specific setting what is expected variance in grams of the coffee weight dosed vs amount requested?
Could the grinder be used to dose a given amount coffee in to a cup with the filter removed or into a blind basket? (For the occasional moka pot or french press on the weekends)
What grinders range expected for grind size and amount of different levels of fineness with the range?



First of all: I love your project. I just preordered a DIY kit. I contacted you earlier this week.

Second: the idea mentioned here intrigued me. The use case of using the muggy as a bone grinder. Nothing more. I can imagine it being a menu option: just like the “Coffee Now”… a menu button “Just Grind" (hidden somewhere in the “everything else”)

You think it’s possible ?


Absolutely! The grinder control menu is within the “everything else” menu and can be run with a single button click. In a future version of the software you will be able to easily reconfigure the main screen as well. This way you can link the “Coffee Now” button directly to the grinder and change the text to “Just grind”.

@morecoffee Have no idea how I missed your original post! Yes, the filter can be removed so you can grind into a different receptacle or filter. The grind size varies from french press to espresso and is controlled by a 0-100 percentage. So 0% would be french press and 90-100% would be for espresso. Mugsy’s pour over setting sweet spot is between 60-80% depending on preference.