Sooo, how much can I drink?


I’m sorry if I missed it somewhere, but I feel like I’ve looked all over the forums and main site… Could someone tell me what the maximum yield is in ounces? I can’t find the maximum water you can use or just how many mugs I can get out of a Mugsy. I’ve seen mention of carafes with the extension kits, but no actual yield. Thanks in advance.


The boiler has a capacity of 1.5 liters. The plan was to have a 1.7 liter capacity but each boiler is designed with extra room at the head for gas expansion. The 1.7’s buffer area made it slightly too tall to fit within our space requirements.

The standard Mugsy cone can hold 43 grams of coffee but 40 is probably your best bet for flow control. Depending on your specific ratios and desired strength, that will brew up to 22 oz of coffee. Mugsy is compatible with larger cones(Kalita Wave, V60) and they can be used for making larger batches.

I do plan on releasing a higher capacity version of the standard Mugsy cone, but that is some ways away.

There is some good discussion on capacity and output on this thread: Mugsy for big and tall mugs



22fl oz is 625ml, according to the internet.