Software licenses


Hi @matt. Did you work out what kind of license you would use for the software? Did you see my comment on the Kickstarter update where you talked about it?


And did you get any other feedback?


I did see your comment! Yours was the only actual feedback with substance, so thanks for taking the time. I haven’t actually revisited this subject yet, so I will jump back on this thread at the end of the week and we can make the call then.


I think, if you want to change the license at a later date, you have to get approval from all the developers who have had made contributions to the project. That would be easier in the early stages of the project when there haven’t been many (or any) other contributors.
If you’re concerned about companies taking your work, it may be best start with something less permissive, and change it to more permissive if you need to.


@jjok Thoughts on using AGPL? Companies like Starbucks or Keurig wouldn’t touch GPL code so it offers some protection from them while not needing to add some sort of “commercial ok under x revenue” clause.