So...can we assume this is defunct?


Just wanted to make sure that we are all in agreement that this seems to be DOA? Even the updates aren’t even coming on time anymore, and when they do, it’s “Hey Quick Update, I’ll have a long form next time around … yada yada yada”. So no updates, no pictures of storage, no shipping breakdown, no build manual. I would ask for a refund, but from what I’m seeing on FB and this forum, returns aren’t getting processed either. So disappointing, because its a great idea, and it would have been an amazing addition to the household :disappointed:


@tc23 Not defunct but there are definitely issues. It has been extremely difficult for me to focus on Mugsy for the last few weeks so there has been little forward movement to report. This has also resulted in longer than usual delays getting to tickets and emails. The last few weeks have normalized and I am now back on Mugsy more and more hours each day. I totally respect and understand where you’re coming from though. But finishing Mugsy is extremely important to me and every single unit will be delivered.


So first off, this is confusing:

It has been extremely difficult for me to focus on Mugsy for the last few weeks

and then you say

The last few weeks have normalized

I’m not trying to nit pick, even though I realize I am, but you have this habit of saying one thing only to immediately contradict yourself. I say this with the best of intentions in a certain respect, because I believe that you are actually trying to provide Mugsy. However, I think you have lost all credibility with your backers and the community, and I think that is reflected in the increase in refund requests (which is actually what prompted this post). If Mugsy wasn’t ready to ship, okay, let us know. Don’t tell us something about FBA / deep dive issues / paused / unpaused / direct / third party shippers / etc. The pandemic is explainable, but all those excuses occurred prior too the NY quarantine. The only way you are going to solve your current credibility issue is to come clean and give an actual account of whats going on. Outside of that, you will continue to see an increase in refund requests, which I surmise is already becoming difficult to process.


Matt, something has clearly gone wrong with this project, and you need to actually tell people what it is.

It is over 18 months since the extrusions were shipped to you., a year since the “first shipping” dates were announced.

Since then you have lied repeatedly about units being shipped, being ready to be shipped, almost being ready to be shipped and so on. Every single time it has been apparent that none of this was true and you had simply picked a date hoping you would be ready by then.

Now it is time for you to answer a very simple question. What has gone wrong? Have the parts not arrived? Have you run out of money? Does the design simply not work?

What is the actual hold up - I don’t care about the excuses to date, I want to know why despite “shipping starting” you are unable or unwilling to send the units out.


Hey @blane, I will jump on this post tonight when doing emails, should be between 9-11pm. Thanks.


@blane just had to hop on a call for an outage, if it goes too late I will hit this tomo morning, will be around 11/12 at the very latest. Apologies for the delay!


@blane Sharing this link to another post as my reply covers some of your questions as well: Should we Stay or Should we Go?


Hi Matt, so we are two days out from the last update, where you promised…well look to my OP

“Hey Quick Update, I’ll have a long form next time around … yada yada yada”

. The OP was 19 days ago, and in that time, you have done nothing, not one thing, to make us believe in this project. You have posted, occasionally, on FB, the community, or as an official update (I can’t opine on Discord, because, well I can only keep track of some many avenues, and frankly i don’t feel like tracking you through yet another service). But in all that time, and in the face of all the frustration coming from the community, you have offered literally zero signs of forward progress. I think the most glaring sign of fraud is the fact that you say you have inventory, but refuse to answer questions about shipping said inventory. Maybe…MAYBE, you answered this on your Q&A tonight on discord, but why have you not shipped your inventory for DIY kits? If you did not answer that question, I would respectfully ask that it be answered immediately, or I will be another in a looong line asking for a refund.


Yeah, there was no Q&A last night on the discord either


the q&a is stated for tonight, following the updates he said on monday that it would be on tuesday or wednsday, and yesterday he confirmed it for today. So there is no missed q&a yet.
Give critique when due, but don’t critisize things that’s still within it’s timeframe.


That’s fair. I have no idea what day it is any more. I think it’s still April, but that’s hazy too.


Apologies, you are correct, he did mention that it was slated for Wednesday. So maybe that question will be addressed this evening then.


And he just pushed it to Thursday at 6pm EST via a FB post.


Sounds about right for this project :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: