Smart display for mugsy


Hey guys,
I’m thinking about itegration of smart informations on the mugsy.
So when the coffee is ready, the display could show your to-do list, emails, weather, traffic,… Maybe controlled by daytime.

It will be my first raspberry pi and till now I’m just thinking over what could be cool or helpful with such a gimmick. I think it will be a lot of fun to play with the functions.



That’s a cool idea! I’d definitely be interested in using it; I’m always forgetting to check the weather before running out the door (which is bad in the winter in Michigan).


It’s a coffeemaker not a dang computer

Scope Creep

It’ll creep up on you

Until one day you go from this

To this

At which point it’s no longer a knife


You know you could probably put an extra board in the case that responds to voice commands and will read you the weather. Or activate a holoprojector and project it when you ask.

You should do these things yourself though


Definitely excited for folks to start building their own functionality!


I wonder if it’s on yet?