Should we Stay or Should we Go?


Hey @matt I still have some open tickets, too. Still waiting for my refund which was promised several times. You can also refund me via PayPal…


Hello @matt. Can you please give me an update on my promised refund? I wrote you an email and created a separate thread No refund backer #21 please have a look. Also willing to accept paypal, whatever if stripe etc. is the bottleneck.


@matt that is the third ‘will reply tonight’ with no actual reply you have given me on this same question. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve tried for six weeks or so here and the same last fall with the same result and I think I just have to assume you don’t want to discuss anything. I will just go back to quietly waiting now, but do so no clearer on the actual status of the project.


you should answer the question and pay the refunds first.i think it will need 1 day, and believe me, it’s worth it


Just a quick update on the six months of shipping dates being missed. The units in Amazon storage have not been mentioned since late April. Two tests were posted in Feb, but (I think) did not contain all the parts needed and had no instructions on how to build them.

As far as I can tell the total number working Mugsy’s in the world is sadly still zero

The fact this is never addressed continues to confuse me.


May 4th directs are going on the may 6th

Then the 20th

Then the 26th.

On the 28th they (now 10 - 12) are going out on the 29th


On the 2nd the 12 are going out on the 4th

On the 5th they were going out on the 6th

On the 10th TWO UNITS WERE POSTED more were going on the 12th

On the 16th they were going out on the 19th

On the 23rd they were going out on 26th

On the 29th, they are going out on the 30th


I think the take away from the past two months (and everything before that), is that he is a lying liar who lies. He has done nothing to show that he actually has any intention of delivering these units that people paid money for. Sure sure, he says that he is making progress and has units ready to ship (per your above), but where is one shred of proof of these things in the wild.