Should we Stay or Should we Go?


@m0u574ch10 sorry, I did receive your email but did not realize you expected another response before the refund had completed. Just emailed you.


Hi @matt. Your last blog post mentioned you were going to reply to forum posts that needed it. I notice my questions were not on this list. Could I ask you to reconsider that please?


@andyd Yes, I will be away form my desk until this eve and will jump on your post/questions when doing the update tonight.


Hi @matt,
Thank you for the email - I appreciate you confirming that you received my emails.
I appreciate you mentioning yesterday that you’d provide an update last night with regards to PayPal. Might I also please ask for a follow-through with that update? I never did hear back last evening.


Thanks @matt. I am interested to hear more.

From my first post about this the shipping has now been pushed from the 4th, to the 6th, to the 20th to 26th to the 29th May and then 4th June. I make that well over 30 different ‘will ship in a couple of days’ dates this year. The question still stands. What is going on here? I can’t get my head around it.


@matt still waiting on response and refund on ticket #713


Hello everyone.
I’ve been waiting for a kit since … I don’t remember. Like all of you, a long time ago.

I put myself in the shoes of @matt and suffer. The stress of receiving constant recriminations, requests for truths, time limits to meet objectives. It makes me want to quit.

I want to believe in @matt. I always wanted to make it easy to develop the idea. A little because I am also a technician and I know that things never go as we think. Those technicians who say that a project always comes out easy are lying. I also know that it is very easy to get ahead when there are unlimited funds to fall back on. But imagine that they are in their houses, with little or no space. With little or no help. With little or no money. With the covid. And with a Woodpecker on their heads pecking at phrases such as: When …?, Like …?, Where …?.

I read all the claims and understand them. But I also understand @matt.

I take the initiative to let the days go by and be aware of anything new. Like the assembly videos. I liked the video !

later, earlier, a notice will come from some mail dispatch.

Ultimately, I will be neither richer nor poorer.

A touch of elbow to all.


PS: My English is very bad. I hope you understand and apologize.


Hola a Todos.
Estoy esperando un kit desde… no me acuerdo. Igual que todos Ustedes, hace mucho tiempo.

Me pongo en la piel de @matt y sufro. El estres de recibir contante recriminaciones, pedidos de verdades, limites de tiempos para cumplir objetivos. Me da ganas de abandonar.

Yo quiero creer en @matt. Yo siempre quise dejarlo tarnquilo para desarrollar la idea. Un poco porque tambien soy tecnico y se que las cosas nunca salen como las pensamos. Aquellos tecnicos que digan que siempre un proyecto sale facil estan mintiendo. Tambien se que es muy facil sacar adelante cuando hay fondos ilimitados a los cuales echar mano. Pero imaginen que estan en sus casas, con muy poco o nada de espacio. Con muy poca o nada de ayuda. Con muy poco o nada de dinero. Con el covid. Y con un Pajaro Carpintero sobre sus cabezas picoteando fraces como: Cuando… ?, Como… ?, Donde… ?.

Yo leo todos los reclamos y los entiendo. Pero tambien entiendo a @matt.

Yo tomo la iniciativa de dejar pasar los dias y estar atento a cualquier cosa nueva. Como los videos de armado. Me gusto el video !

mas tarde, mas temprano, llegara un aviso de algun despacho por correo.

En ultimo caso, no sere ni mas rico ni mas pobre.

Un toque de codo a todos.



I totally appreciate your post and totally share the thought behind it.

Since the last year or so I’m dreaming about that day in which press that fuc**ng “coffee now” button, and enjoy the taste of my favourite drink right poured out of a Mugsy, like mostly of you out there reading this post are/were.

Well, personally I still believe in the project, and still have faith in @matt finally shipping out the hundreds-of-time-promised units.

I still tell my family and friends how I’m excited and look forward about recieving Mugsy and start out

Have the feeling that one day when I will be Old I’ll have for sure to tell about ““that day, back in the '20ies when used to support that guy who created a punk robot Coffeemaschine. :slight_smile: it came after a long troubled shipping process, but in the end we enjoyed a lot the coffee It used to make…””

Anyway I’d like to focus on the topic, and point on the concerning of those feeling “being scammed” after being told dozens of time reading “shipping tomorrow” :neutral_face: shipping in 3…2…1…?
can understand the annoyed backers which asked for refund, I mean , until they have right to ask for it they didn’t do nothing bad, and well, if @matt manages the refunds as he’s doing with Mugsy, think is gonna be funny ( obviously just my personal opinion about it!!)

             I'd also like to point on:
  • the price of Mugsy,

               and compare it with: 

how many thousands of €(live in Europe) or $ or whatever given out in the last year in silly charity on FB, banks and card fees, unused premium accounts, all that stuff and items we don’t need, junk-food, clothes we never dressed, and so on.
And all that for the loo!

I’m totally aware that this project is not going where it was supposed to go, but like this how many other things in life?

I mean, if you think it turned out to be a scam like you poor people are arguing. Why it should be still this website, this forum, the blog and so on… ??actually would be not so clever for a scammer…

I just believe in the fact that managing this whole project alone or almost, and building all of this playground is actually Huge amount of work, expecially for “non professionals”
that barely could be covered by the income generated by of that cost pro unit…
Believe also that most of the backers can understand this and maybe Matt can surely confirm it one day.

We maybe live in a dream world, but behind Mugsy there are real people who is largely noticed, in between is also caring about this project.
backing a crowdfunding campaign is also about that.

I invite all of you, asking for a refund, to avoid the stress of throwing the frustration out in the community,just let go… is worth for everyone!
At worse one day the postman will knock at the door bringing the no-more-but-long-desired Mugsy :smile:
And invite all of you who are jiggling about staing or going…

As @Oscar says, we’re no richer and no poorer.

Peace to anyone


@Egdfred. At least 450 of us have not backed a kickstarter project, but ordered a finished product, or what was marketed as a almost finished project. It’s not about the money, it’s not about Matt’s skills as an inventor, the fact that he’s been contracted by large companies as Nike is proof enough. What it’s about in my own case, or was, in the end is the constant missinformation.
Whether it be by accident or coincidence there’s much to improve in that department, see the list of updates with - shipping tomo, as an example.
I ain’t among those calling it a scam, it’s just something strange going on in a great project.

Regarding the cost, he’s been on multiple occasions offered more money from backers if that’s the issue and declined, he’s had offers of face to face meetings to pickup finished kits etc.
It’s been almost 18 months of waiting, since he started to ship according to the blog.

I find theese forums quite silent except for the ones airing a concern that something is wrong, and as many of those questions goes unanswered in a satisfying manner they’re gonna be repeated on those platforms that mugsy is on. I find it enriching to see both positive and negative discussions, and I welcome more threads of a positive nature and will participate with a positive nature


Hey @matt. One month on from my original post and i’ve had a couple of ‘will reply tonights’.I know the world is real weird just now, I know stress and burn out hurt and people asking loads of questions all of the time is a drip drip of more on top. I am truly sorry to add to that, but you have said things will be delivered in a few days for a year. Can you just give us a little update on what is happening with that?


An update on this end:
I received my refund on 4 Jun 20, via PayPal, almost a month from asking for it. It’s a crazy time in the world, to be sure, and so I understand that there are delays with all processes.
I’m not sure what the issue is with Stripe, but I never did hear anything from them with regards to the refund, and so Matt refunded via PayPal. Thank you very much, @matt - I really appreciate everything that you’ve done to expedite the process.
I’ll be sure to keep my eyes on Mugsy - I’m still keenly interested in this project, and am looking forward to the day when we’ll be able to welcome one into our home.


@m0u574ch10 happy to hear you received your refund.

I’ve been waiting for over a month since I requested a refund and haven’t even received a single reply. @matt could you please take a look at my refund request?

Edit: my ticket is #709


I asked for refund a while ago and supplied my PayPal details after you requested me to do so. However, I still have not received my refund. Could you please have a look? Ticket #715


After my message here 2 days ago I immediately received an email from Matt saying he would start processing it the same day and that I should receive a confirmation within 24 hours. I haven’t received my refund or a confirmation yet.

@matt It would be good if you take a different approach regarding promises and deadlines. Frustration over missed deadlines is the main reason I’m requesting a refund. If you’d tell me that I’d receive a Mugsy in 6 months and you had track record of holding up to your promises I would just mark that day in my calendar and start looking forward to it. However, this way the initial fun and excitement for this product quickly turned into uncertainty and frustration.

Just take any deadline you have in mind and multiply it by 2, 3 or any number that allows you to make it in time. You’re doing this on your own so people will understand things don’t go as fast. If I have to wait longer I’d rather know it in advance than to constantly open a new blog post saying it is once again delayed.

For now I’d still like my refund. As soon as you’re on track and it got to the point where I can place an order and actually receive it within a week or two I’ll most likely come back and order it again. You’ve got an amazing concept and design in your hands! You just need to regain some trust with your backers/customers.


I reckon if a few of us got together we could design this from scratch, build a prototype, learn to code in Python and get this to market quicker than we’ll get refunds :rofl:



Hi Matt, any update on my ticket #715? You promised a refund ETA in 24 hours, but that was 3 days ago?


Hi @matt,

I’m still waiting for you to process my refund (ticket #709). I was supposed to receive at least a confirmation that you’ve processed it within 24 hours since your last response, but that was already 4 days ago.


Hi @matt. Five weeks on from asking a, hopefully, fairly simple question and no response.

Sorry if I have offended you in some way, but I was just trying to understand what is going on with delivery. Any thoughts are still really appreciated, but I guess maybe this wasn’t the right time and place to ask.

Good luck with it all.


@andyd not offended in any way! Just been keeping my head down grinding on getting units out. There will be a shipping update going out tonight and I’ll jump back on this forum either tonight or tmo and hit your Qs and anything thats waiting. Cheers!