Shipping estimate added to tracking page?


Would it be possible to get rough shipping estimates added to the tracking spreadsheet? Even a rough grouping of backers into batches with estimated shipping times would be helpful. With shipping ramping up, it would be helpful to have a good idea on whether I need to have shipping held on my kit while I’m on vacation or if it is unlikely to be an issue.


Thanks, thats a good idea. I’m offsite today but will add this to tomorrows update.


Wasn’t able to hit this yet unfortunately. Will have it for the Sunday/Monday update.


Looks great! Thanks! What would be the best way to send a ‘blackout’ period for shipping? The current estimate on mine is close and I don’t want to inadvertently end up with it sitting on the porch while I’m out of town.


Another good idea, let me think about a good way to implement it…


In the US, you can set vacation holds with USPS, UPS, or FedEx through their apps or web sites.