Refund request please


Well, I’m afraid I’ve hit the end of the line and have requested a refund.

@matt - I have also submitted this through your contact form but I know you have issues with this so I’m posting it here as I see you’re around here regularly.

My order was a pre-order #00177 from December 2018.



Sure thing, just saw your email hit my inbox. Will start processing tonight and send you confirmation and details over email shortly. Thanks!


Thanks, Matt. Unfortunately, the deal breaker for me is that in the intervening time, I’ve developed IBS and coffee is one of the worst triggers for me. If I cut it out, no problems. As soon as I think it’ll be fine and start drinking it again I’m in agony! I even sold my bean to cup machine :disappointed_relieved:


@matt I am afraid that I will have to ask for a refund as well, I am order number #00588 (Website Order).

I have also sent you an email.

Thanks Again!


@Savagebacon92 Already started processing. You should have received a response to your ticket a few minutes ago. Thanks!


@matt So, what’s happening with my refund please? The time you said it would take has now passed by over a week


He’s said this about refunds in another post. They taje extra time because most of his funds are invested in parts. When i asked for a refund there was one backer who had waited almost a month before getting it via paypal. He blames Stripe that they don’t work international but he promised in january to fix that with them - i nagged on fb chat until i got a paypal refund


Hey Matt, it has passed the deadline for the refund, I know that the money is invested in parts, so it may be a little slower than what you have originally told me, but it has already been a good few days since I requested a refund, and I expect that should have enough time to at least see some movement in the refund process. I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t have 200 some dollars just hanging out, when I need it. :frowning: So if you could look into that when you get a chance, that would be great.

Best Regards,


@andyjacobs @Savagebacon92 Will get you both a an update on refunds tomorrow morning.

@TomFolly Sorry for any confusion, I never meant that Strip doesn’t work internationally, just that sometimes international refunds got kicked back to me for whatever reason.


@matt I’ve still heard nothing about this and another week has passed. So, I’m now giving you until Monday 18th to confirm that my refund has been processed, at which point I’ll contact Stripe and my bank.