Refund Request (Order #00357)



Been waiting almost 18 months and no sign of the unit and no replies to email or tickets any more.

Please can you confirm the refund for order #00357?



Hi @matt, any comment?


Hey Neil, will get you an update this eve. Thanks!


Hi @matt any updates?


@matt my refund should have hit my back account at the end of last week (“It will take 2-3 days to cycle out of our system and then an additional 48-72 hours to hit PayPal for the transfer to your account”).

Still no sign of it. Do you have an update?


@matt I’m still waiting.


Are you out there @matt?


Hey Neil, just shot you an email. Thanks!


Hi @matt you said it would be sorted in 24 hours, but I’ve not heard anything. Any update?


@matt still waiting, you emailed and said you would sort it over the weekend.


Whats happening here @matt?


Is that it, silence now @matt?


@neil_black Sorry, did not see these notifications. You should have received an email update from me, will forward it back over once I am at my desk.



Please process my refund

#1395 REFUND Request - Website Backer 252


@matt still waiting on an update following your email:

"Hey Neil, hoping to have this refund wrapped up for you today. Will have an update and confirmation before EOD.