Please.. please clear the air



I am very much looking forward to receiving my Mugsy.

I’ve no intention of asking for a refund, I was for a very long time impressed by your dedication to keep everyone updated on the progress regardless of whether it was a delay to the project or an advancement. I’ve been patient. I’m happy to remain patient.

But… I am on the verge of feeling like I will resent my mugsy when/if it arrives because of the simple fact that I feel lied to. If mistakes were made or something was promised that wasn’t factually correct I feel it’s definitely time to clear the air.

This brings me to the one question I want answered at the moment. Regardless of any promises of units just shipped (been a while, why no confirmed deliveries) or soon to be shipped units.

Where are, and what happened to all the units in FBA?

I beg you for honesty and transparency, I will happily wait as long as I have already had to wait for this project to reach fruition, if, and only if l don’t feel like I’m being taken for a ride.

Kind regards, Siggi

P.S. Shipping costs have increased ridiculously recently. I am happy to bridge that gap if it means my Mugsy can be sent to me. If it’s not ready, I just want to know why.

It’s been a year since shipping began…


+1 from me. Long term backer, going nowhere, but would love some honesty here.


I agree. If it’s a matter of cost problems due to increased shipping costs, I would consider pitching in to guarantee a shipment. If it’s something else, it’s past time to say what it is.

I’ve always had a long term hands off approach to this project but it’s starting to get a bit off the rails with how many delays there are, with vague reasons/excuses.

Please get into more detail about the challenges you are facing so we can, as a community, decide how best to move this project forward



Hey Matt,
I agree Iceland, I want Mugsy to be a success not a fail. I could imagine there is much pressure on you BUT give us a chance to support you, tell us all the truth, and the problems.
I think no one will damme you if you tell us some bad news - most of us - we were all patiently waiting shure we all would love to get coffee out of our own Mugsy but we all see that there are many problems. I understand that it is one thing to build one unique prototype and another to ramp up to an “industrial” produtionprocess.
We were also willing to pay more due to rising costs of shipment - so what else shall we do to show that we are not hating you and just want to hear the truth about whats going on. So be brave and clean the air as Icelands says.
Cheers Franky


Dear Matt, I also want your Great project to succeed !!
And if there is a problem with … (whatever it may bee) be honest… you have a lot of enthusiastic followers who can help, think or motivate you…
I don’t need a refund… i want no stress or whatever, just a honest status !!

Please let us know

With kind regards, Marco
The Netherlands


Team Mugsy all the way!


Hey @matt,

I also want to share my continued support for this project and willingness to pay an additional shipping cost.

I agree with @Iceland and others that a clearing the air or a “State of Mugsy” that addresses ALL of the good, bad, and indifferent aspects of the project is very much needed. No promises. Just the facts.

Shit happens, we get it, just be real with us.



Hey guys, sorry for not responding to this sooner, I did not get notification until the latest replies.

First, thanks for the support from everyone, I really do appreciate it. I’m happy to do an all in air clearing post. I will shoot for doing it in the Wednesday/Thursday update, but would like some buffer in case I need it. If I can’t get everything together in time I will send it out over the weekend, probably Sunday. I’ll ping this topic once it’s up as well as hit the usual KS/Blog notifications.

Thanks for the thoughtful and supportive request, much appreciated!