OS and application image


Now that the mugsy has started shipping would it be possible to have an image of the install? I’d like to start playing with my pi and a mugsy install so when it arrives I can just build and play.



I’m still a few days away from having this ready. It’s priority number one but I keep getting side tracked. Im taking today and tomo off so there won’t be any movement on this until early next week. Appreciate the interest and I’m super eager to get this out!


Hi Matt,
I wondered whether there was an update on this? I have a spare SD card and my Pi 3+ ready, I’d like to get it all setup ready for when the kit arrives (so it’s all pre authenticated and Alexa’d up etc)
Hope you enjoy your break :smiley:


Not yet, apologies for the delay. Last several weeks have been hectic with the day job so my scheduling and todo list has been super out of wack. Will have an update on this on Tuesday or Wednesday.