Order refund or compensation


My order number is #00393


@matt my ticket is #415 and Order Number #00169

I am waiting since 3 month that you resolve it and send me the money…


So the night came and went, no reply. Or are you working through the night on getting those replies to us @matt?


@Mika Im still up! Will be hitting emails after I push the update out. Should be pretty soon.


@matt ticket number #713. Looking for my refund.


Hi @matt, same here with ticket #709


Hello to all the other backers waiting for their refund. I got a response today from @matt which in short said the following:
“Hey Mika, I have started processing your refund. It will take 2-3 days to cycle out of our system and then an additional 5-10 business days to get from our payment processor(Stripe) to your account.”

I will be keeping you posted on how this progresses.


Unfortunately that means nothing… His standard queries are like the following.


Other backers have the same issue :frowning:


@zauberstuhl Having read through this forum and facebook, I thought as much :confused: Just thought I’d keep you all in on whether this one goes south as well.


Where’s my promised update? You said for a week that I would get information at night. I didn’t get anything.


Same - please reply to my ticket and send refund

#1395 REFUND Request - Website Backer 252