Order refund or compensation


15 days have passed and I have not heard from you as promised. I didn’t get any money back either.

My expected delivery according to Kickstarter was November 2018, I’m Backer # 176 and gave you a $200 loan for over 2 years. Sorry but the trust in you is 100% used up. Your handling is a disaster. Send me my money back!


@Klotzi I will get you an update within 24 hours, thanks.


@matt tt Hi! The same with me please, my ticket has been idle for two months now!
I have ticket #344


4 days are more than 24 hours and still no information. It can only be a joke.


sooo… 21 days have passed… again. Pleased send me a refund. I sent you my paypal information in my ticket (#415)



Now 11 days has gone since your last info that you will send me an update within 24 hours. I don’t understand what you want to achieve with your stalling tactics? Frustrated backers?


@klotzi Just shot you an email.

@zauberstuhl Sent you an update on your ticket(415).


Can you also give an feedback on my last sended emails?


I started processing your refund and you will receive it on Paypal within 3-5 days.

Still no money. Even though Paypal is a instant service… you told me that seven days ago. When will I see the money (ticket 415)?


Matt, your Email on may 7th was:
apologies for the long delay getting back to you. Your refund has processed from my side and should hit your account no later than the 11th. I am very sorry for the frustration you had to deal with getting this sorted.

Today ist the 19th. Still no refund!

No reaction from you to my email on may 12th.

Your behavior is so incomprehensible, I do not understand what you want to achieve with it



Could you please have a look at my ticket as well? It’s #715. thanks


@matt I still haven’t received a refund for ticket #344 which was posted 3 months ago and which you responded to 19 days ago. Please check the status of the refund, also, in the time waiting for the refund the credit card used has lapsed, please get back to me with how to proceed.


@matt please respond to ticket #713. It has been 14 days without an answer now.


@MarvinS91 @Hsus @Ms12993 You each should have a reply to your ticket at this point. Everyone else, will getting back to any remaining tickets over the next 24 hours.


@matt. The last update I had from you was on the 19th saying that you were waiting for Stripe to get back to you. If you could just let me know whether this is going to happen or whether I should just write it off as a loss then I can get on with my life and stop hassling you


@andyjacobs Did you order over the website? If so, don’t let Matt get away with this! You’ve paid for a product and you have the right to either get it or get your money back. If everyone just gives up on this, fraudulent vendors will continue selling products that dont work or don’t exist and just hope that their customers are too lazy to fight to get their money back.


Yes. The problem is that he’s been spinning this out for so long that my bank won’t intervene. They’ll only open a dispute on a transaction that’s less that 13 months old. I’ve also looked at Stripe but it looks like they will only deal with the bank, not the consumer


I never received a new Information from you. Still no refund.


Yeah @matt I want my money back. I’ve contacted you repeatedly via e-mail, commented on facebook and now I have to spend my time hassling you here. What’s the problem?


@klotzi looking into this for you today and will get you an update tonight.

@mika Can you confirm your order#? I have a single email fro a Mika as of the 2nd that I have not had a chance to hit yet. Will get back to you tonight either way.