Order refund or compensation



since you never replied on my ticket I am trying/hoping I will get an answer here.

I am waiting for my coffee maker since December 2018 and from the comments in this forum I am getting the feeling; I am not the only person.

That’s why I want to discuss the possibility of a refund if there is no close ETA.

I would also accept if you just send me the parts. They don’t have to work. They don’t have to be in a pretty case… I can write my own software and my 3D printer can handle the rest.



Hey @zauberstuhl, I will get you a reply to your ticket this evening, thanks!


Thanks it is ticket number #415 in freshdesk.


I would accept the parts in a box also. I think that I could assemble without a manual. I’m Kickstarter #16.


Can you also response at my ticket #508.
Same question.


Hi mrunde,
I’m pretty sure you’re not Kickstarter Backer #16, because that’s me. I’m sure about this, because with my e-mail address and that number I see the correct shipping address in Deep Dive: https://cloud.heymugsy.com/shipper/deepDive.php


You are correct, I’m 18. Sorry about that. I’ll still take my parts in a box. Deep dive says “unpaused” but we know that isn’t working.


@mrunde @Phoenix-Blue Will get back to both of you within 24 hours, thanks!


@mrunde @Phoenix-Blue
Have you received your refunds?


I received following via my ticket:

Hey! I should have no issue getting your unit out at the start of next week. Then you should have it within 5-7 days.

That was six days ago so in theory he should send it today or tomorrow. I responded five days ago and asked for a tracking number but never received an answer. Lets wait and hope … :confused:


I have at this moment no feedback received.
So I’m still waiting for any response.



I haven’t asked for a refund, I asked for my parts in a box, any box. Doesn’t need to be a Mugsy box. My del date of 4/3 has come and gone. No response from @matt on this. I’m willing to wait a bit longer. BTW I have a laser cutter, cnc mill, 3D printer, and assorted tools. So I think that I can make this work without a manual.


@mrunde can you shoot me an email at matt@heymugsy.com so I can confirm your info? I shot you an email from my ticketing system last week.

@Phoenix-Blue Apologies for missing your reply, will get to you tonight.


So Matt, I don’t get any new informations, my deepdive Status is unpaused and the Delivery-Date is over, again.
So please send me my Refund. I am the disappointed backer #176


@Klotzi I saw your request come in today, will confirm processing with an email tonight when I am doing updates.


hi @matt so what is the status here:


@zauberstuhl will get you an update either tonight or tomo. Thanks!


@matt its been 8 days since I emailed and I haven’t heard anything. Do you have an update?


@mrunde You should see an email from me now, thanks!


any update? my ticket was #415