Open Source Assistants


Would be great to have a list of open source standards, AI’s and assistants for Mugsy to be integrated into. Amazon doesn’t have to rule the world!


Not exactly open source, but I’m attempting to learn how to use xcode and Apple HomeKit so Mugsy can be used with Siri. I think HomeKit devices can be used with Apple TVs and Apple Watches, so that’d be neat.
I’m not making any promises because I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m giving it a go.


@drphillips Have you looked at Homebridge before?


Yep, homebridge it’s where my research led me. Still not entirely sure how it works, though.


This article gives a good overview of Homebridge and the first steps to writing a plugin.

I think the final result would be:

  1. Send a request through Siri or the Home app
  2. It gets sent to the running Homebridge server on the local network, which has a Mugsy plugin installed
  3. That request get redirected to the Decaf JSON API

I’ll try and look into programming a Homebridge plugin more too, but like you I have no idea what I’m doing (other than I’ve set up a Homebridge server at home.)


I realized a significantly simpler way of connecting Siri and Mugsy: the Shortcuts app.

Since Mugsy can be controlled completely from the command line, and the iOS 12 Shortcuts app has SSH functionality, you could make a series of Shortcuts that SSH into the Mugsy Pi and run whatever command you want.

There’s a few disadvantages over a Homebridge plugin:

  • Would only work with Siri only in the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad (a HomeKit accessory is also controllable from an Apple TV, any Mac running Mojave and the HomePod).
  • Would only work if you’re on the same local network as the Mugsy Pi, unless you open the Mugsy Pi up to the internet, or set up a VPN situation.
  • Unlike Homekit accessories that can be referenced to with different natural language phrases, Shortcuts have to use exact pre-determined phrases.

But, the one massive advantage is the whole thing would be dead simple to set up with literally zero programming knowledge needed.


That’s a fantastic idea! I’ve never used Shortcuts before, but it does seem dead simple. I still want to try the Homebridge thing, but I’m glad to have that in the meantime or if I can’t get it figured out.