Onboard Speech Processing


This is a bit out of scope but it would be pretty cool to have a Mugsy droid as opposed to a coffee computer that leverages cloud assistant services like Siri and Alexa

I’m just a privacy nut so you shouldn’t really take this too seriously but if there is a board that could do this sort of thing, perhaps a shield for the Pi or a full on replacement with similar capabilities

Why not go for it?


Check out my post about this over here:


Definitely agree re: privacy. Alexa and Amazon have a massive install base though, which is why I started there first.


I think this is totally something that unless Matt gets the itch himself, the community that wants it can create. That’s the joy of open source and public APIs. Get Snowboy, or something, running on the Raspberry Pi, and teach it to request a coffee using the HTTP API.


Should have all the remaining API stuff released by Wednesday. I can also set up some API request logging on Cloud Control. This way you can hack something together and see that it’s actually working while you’re still waiting for a machine. Also need to push the key creation to production.

Back from Philly now, but looks I’ll be stuck on email/admin work all day. Won’t be back on tech stuff till tonight or tomo.


This is an interesting option:


Added a bunch of the Cloud Control endpoints to the github. I’m currently converting these to Flask for proper REST interactions. Still need to add the key generation and logging to theCloud Control user dashboard. Once that’s done you can start interacting with it. I’ll have that done tonight and will be pushing a tutorial on usage in tonights update. Will also make a post here.


Not sure if I will actually have key gen done tonight, if not will push the tutorial here mid-day.


Still working on finishing up the developer interface for the dashboard. Here is a sneak peak at the logging:

Drill down search working:

Lots of distractions today so still a little more to do before going live. And yes, there will be a light/dark color switch for those that prefer light colors.


ooh! (494 to go) I’ll try and make anyone in my neighbourhood record if they want a cup of coffee from my mugsy. :smiley:


Yeah, got a ways to go yet. That’s a great idea! Thanks! :coffee:


I’ll add the link to tomorrows update, should get us halfway there…


+1 just added mine to the cloud. it’s unfortunate that you can’t really do it on your mobile it would make it a lot easier to get done if you could.

can you upload multiple samples from 1 account or does each sample have to have a unique login??