NYC Backer Meetup


Hey guys, are any forum members local to NYC and planning on hitting the backer meetups? If so, let me know.

I’m also thinking we should live stream them so non-locals can join in. Would you guys be interested in something like that?


I’m definitely not in NYC, but would get down with a live stream and/or recording of the Meetup! :smiley:


Sweet, I’m definitely recording it for release but also looking into the live stream option so we can get some additional input for the question/answer session.


Sign me up for the live stream!


Yeah depending on the timing, I’d join a live stream. I’m not NYC local but if you are really hurting for people I might be able to make a road trip. The live stream would be way easier though.


per my response to your email earlier. I’ll make the meetup for either weekend.

Jim P.


Sadly not on the same continent :frowning: so no joining, but would love to have a live stream/recording of the event!


I would definitely watch live stream if I can and watch recording if I cannot for some reason.


Thanks guys! I’ll coordinate with the local backers who are not on the forum and let you know specifics in another day or two.


Is the Meetup happening right now? Did I miss the live stream link?


We had a bunch of cancelations and only two backers were able to come. My fee for the room was about $500 so it was over budget for such a limited head count. We are going to live stream the event at the Liberty Science Center on Thursday and are organizing to get the meet up going next weekend instead. Details will be in tonight’s update.


That sucks, sorry to hear it Matt. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m looking forward to the next update.

I noticed the preorders are ending tomorrow. I’ve got my fingers crossed that that means you are close to shipping!


You guys don’t miss anything! It’s definitely a sign that we are in the end game over here. Still a couple of things to finish but as of Friday I have started transitioning the workspace, resources and brainpower from a dev space to fulfillment center…


Don’t jinx it Matt!!! You can’t say that stuff!

I’m hoping for the best though. Let me know if you need any remote help.


I’m super bummed that your meetup didn’t happen. I did pickup my DIY kit and am willing to support a meetup if you decide to try again.


@Tipsy Haha! :pray:

@Fatmann66 Thanks Jim, we are shooting for this weekend again. I will email you tomorrow or Tuesday.