No refund backer #21


Hey Matt, you promised me my refund on 8. May and told me that it will take 2-3 days to cycle out of your system and then typically an additional 5-10 business days to get from your payment processor (Stripe) to my account.
However, time has passed and I haven’t received my refund as promised. In addition, you are not responding to my emails/ ticket`. Now I have to try to reach you over this forum, which is disappointing.

Please give me an update! Refunding money can’t be this hard!


@etimoz are you a US or non US backer?
If international you might expect the explanation that stripe sometimes has issues with international payments, or something in that ballpark.


Hi. I’ve tried contacting @matt for a couple of days now for a refund. Got the generic answer to my e-mail and nothing after that. Order #00393


@TomFolly I’m a non US backer. I can understand that it can take time to process the money. However, @matt answering an email should not be a problem. It just underlines the whole communication of this project, a lot of promises and delays.

Mika, sry to hear that. I hope this ends well and does not end as another shady kickstarter project.