Mugsy XL - two bean hopper request


I have traded some email with Matt on the topic, but thought I’d actually make a formal entry here so other people could weigh in.

I’d like to get a version of Mugsy with two bean hoppers that allows for a variable amount of coffee from either hopper. In my particular case, my wife is weaning herself off of caffeine which means I’m getting less and less caffeine in the morning family pot. It would be great if you could have caf and decaf beans in Mugsy and allow a selection of how much caffeine any particular cup would hold.

It wouldn’t need to be infinitely variable, you could do it in 10% increments and probably cover the use case.

Of course others might want two different roasts of the same bean to blend or two different coffees entirely.


Tea and other warm beverages

This is a great idea!


I agree, this is a great idea. I’d definitely be interested in it if it were offered as an add-on.


I roast my own beans and that includes blending. It would be AMAZING to have multiple hoppers (hoppers could sit above top) with blending ability. Even up to 4 hoppers. I’d definitely pay for that.

That would have to be a future upgrade option I think, no way that’s a quick add-on at this stage of the game. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s definitely doable as an add on. Could probably prototype something pretty quickly with some of those dry goods containers, a stepper and some 3d printed parts. Just ordered a couple off of amazon so I can play around for a little bit when I’m burnt out on my current to do list…


Sweet! That’s what I was thinking. Multiple bean hoppers above the top. Electronically controlled blends. Su-weeeet!


I would love this idea. I think I would only use it to select one coffee or the other, but still would be quite useful and I see where the percentage of each could be nice in some situations.


Being able to just select would be the most useful for the majority of users, but for the coffee enthusiast, especially those who roast their own beans, adjustable mixes would be stellar.