Mugsy stepper motor mount question/suggestion


Looking at your latest renders/RL pics of the assymbled stepper motor mount and I had some questions and maybe ideas. Posting here since I was not an initial kickstarter backer (just a preorder =p) I cannot post there.
First the question… In the RL pic showing the stepper motor in the mount with the pour over cone… can you adjust the position of the lower left guide pulley dynamically? Basically I am wondering if your system can be adjusted to ensure good belt tension. If that could be adjusted along that edge you can take up any slack (what appears to be slack in the image). Perhaps on a spring loaded slide to keep it automatically under tension.

Which would basically be my suggestion… that or perhaps add 1 more guide pulley in the lower left blank area that can be adjusted to compensate for slack in the belt. It would also allow you to loosen it easy to change/modify. Below is the pic in reference.



So in this image the belt isn’t even a closed loop, I just pulled some through for a fit test. There will also be an adjustable pressure tension idler in the next revision with a a simple screw adjustment. I wanted to see how everything fit together before settling on a specific tension method. Definitely appreciate the comments though! Good to know you guys don’t miss a thing!


I was actually worried about the belt too because of my experiences with low end 3d printers. Belts can be a real pain to deal with if there isn’t a mechanism for slack. Good to know you have taken this into consideration.


Matt has made a LOT of progress since he posted that last comment! I’m not sure if you’re a backer/preorderer, but he shows a couple pictures in this blog post (update #80 if you’re a backer). I also want to say he’s revamped it more so that part is laser cut now, as opposed to being 3d printed.


I wasn’t worried about the quality of the part. I was just saying that I’ve seen slack belts on cheap 3d printers and am thus aware of the importance of a system for dealing with slack.