Mugsy for big and tall mugs


Yup, no worries at all!


Hey Matt,

I went to order the extension and it’s charging me 20$ shipping. I have ordered a kit, will it not just ship with the kit?



Use the coupon code “EXTENSIONS”, it will remove the shipping fee.


When ordering the extensions, does it come with additional panels to accommodate the extra height?

I can’t work out if new panels are required from this chat history, and it doesn’t mention anything on the order page.


Yes, the extensions come with new panels. I’ll add updating the listing to my todo list, thanks!


I normally make a vacuum flask of coffee at once. My best insulated (IKEA) vacuum flask is 295 mm high. So the 300 mm parts are what I need. But can the Mugsy make 1 litre of coffee in one go? Either directly, or by making an espresso mix that can be topped up with boiling water?


@dphillips did some math earlier:

If you were to go with a 1:17 ratio (1:16-1:18 seems to be pretty standard), 35-40g of coffee should be good for ~600-700g of water (~20-23oz).
Mugsy for big and tall mugs

So, a little shy of a liter


I also don’t think 300mm ended up being a final option; it looks like the highest is 270mm. You’d need to contact @matt to ask him if he could supply you with a longer one.

Regarding the amount, if you found a pourover cone that could do a liter in one go, that could work. Unfortunately, since Mugsy only does pourovers, there’s no way to make espresso-like concentrate with it.


I do have a few extra 300mm extrusions available but in very limited quantities. I could make up a set for you. I don’t think there is a lot of demand for this size though, so probably won’t be an officially available set.