Mugsy for big and tall mugs


Great to see the discussion on larger mugs as I have some (the Joeveo aka Temperfect mug from Kickstarter being one of them) that are too tall for most I don’t know the actual height as I have not measured any of them, but I think the 210mm would fit though.


Something else to consider for larger volumes is making sure grind size is adjusted as well. More water through more ground coffee w/ the same grind will result in longer total brewing times, which would result in over-extraction. Volume adjustments can be a bit tricky sometimes…


I made a suggestion for a laminar flow nozzle to mitigate this exact problem!

Not sure how you could get a laminar flow of such a “dirty” liquid that drips so slowly but it’s an engineering challenge I guess.

In the meantime a bit of vinyl tubing should do the trick if you can get it onto the current nozzle


If you want a smaller self heating mug I think the Ember would work and it’s not even from kickstarter


Hope you enjoyed the Maker Fair! I think you really impressed some people with your efforts.


You make a good point and if there was a larger cone there might be enough flow to make a stream of coffee rather than a drip. However then you run the risk of making coffee fast enough that you don’t even need integrations anymore thereby invalidating one of the Mugsy’s core features.

It’s called the Mugsy not the Thermosy

Worth consideration

Beware of scope creep!

Sooo, how much can I drink?

There’s no ‘nozzle’ between the cone and the cup as far as I can see, and it would just be an extra piece requiring constant cleaning if there were. Other than appearance, I can’t see that there’s any real value to using an intermediary container between the cone filter and the cup as would be required to create this flow.


True, true

It might not be a great idea but it’s the least complicated one. Raising the tray, printing stackable coasters and using a tube are the alternatives if the Mugsy is made much taller.


Sure, but the difference is the Joeveo mug is far cheaper, I already have one and it does not required charging for similar result.


Just realized now I need to figure out I have any mugs that are too tall for stock Mugsy :grimacing:.
I have a feeling the answer is yes.


Hey guys, totally forgot that I said I would not charge you for the extensions as a thank you for helping me out on this add on. I’ll have to issue refunds to any one who has ordered.

I set up a form here:

Just fill out with the email you used for your order as well as your forum username.

Refunds will be issued within 72 hours but may take up to 7-10 days to hit your account.

Sorry about that, total momo moment!


Don’t worry… I am pretty sure everyone here wants Mugsy to be as successful as you do.


That’s super-cool of you - thanks Matt.


Hey Matt,

I’m sorry, I’ve been swamped and have not had a chance to keep up. I definitely want to order the extension, as well as change some of the panel colors. (and is it possible to order extras? ie stock, plus clear sides etc)?
Where do we go to add the extension and such to the order?


Hey Chris, I’m way behind tonight but will get back to you tomo. Hope all is well!


Extension kits are here:

Coupon code “extensions” will remove shipping and then they will go out with your unit.

Panel selection is here:

Definitely plan on having extra panels available in the webstore but it’s low priority and I will not get to it before we start shipping.

Thanks and feel free to DM me if you have any other questions!


Hey Matt,
I hear you on being behind. I’m swamped myself. Thank you for the info. You’re work on this is continually top notch. If only other people ran a Kickstarter campaign like you do!


I apologize if I missed this, but I see the two sizes for mug extension, but does it say anywhere what the clearance height it actually is for each size?



Subtract 3mm for the acrylic panel on the base to get the actual clearance. So 210=207 and 275=272.


Hi @matt, would it be possible to order extensions after mugsy is shipped (with separate shipping of course)? I’m not sure if I need it or not atm… :confused: