Mugsy for big and tall mugs


My go-to travel mug would need 170mm clearance. It’s hard to tell for sure from the posted pics if this mug would fit in Mugsy’s current configuration.

Would it be as simple as replacing the four vertical aluminum extrusions to make Mugsy taller or would this cause issues with the mechanics/wiring?


170mm should just fit with the mug platform panel slid out. But either way, extending the vertical columns would not impact the mechanics or wiring. The exterior paneling may need to be adjusted, recut or left as is depending on the actual length change, but thats purely cosmetic. You would be extending the extrusions connecting the base to the head, but there are six of them. This spreads the load better as only 2/3rd’s of the actual head section are supported from below.


Thanks, @matt, glad to know my mug will play nice. :smiley:

I had been wondering if the mug platform would be secured to the frame or not. Having it movable should make it easier to clean splatters from around the edges.

I figured I would need to add additional paneling (or not) depending on what gets exposed.

What is the max mug height with the platform in place?


Max height with the platform in place is 155 mm. Thanks!


My travel mug is a bit taller than @johndezember’s — it would need about 205mm clearance — so I guess it is not going to fit in stock Mugsy.

Are the extrusions a standard cross-section that I’m likely to be able to buy off-the-shelf in the UK, if I want to switch out the stock ones for longer ‘legs’? Does it have a standard name that I should google?


Hey @jim, the extrusion is based on the open source OpenBeam 15x15 mm design. More info can be found here:


Mugsy’s extrusion is using the same exact profile so they are 1 to 1 compatible. I expect that I will have additional extrusions available once I get my hands on the first shipment, quantity depending on any allocated pieces that don’t pass QA. I should have it by mid August so hit me up then and we can sort out some options.


Hey @matt. You said that mid-August would be a good time to get back in touch re: longer extrusions for Mugsy based on any spares you have from the run, so just bumping this conversation. Happy to chat over email or whatever, and of course happy to wait a while if it’s too soon right now. Cheers!


Hey @jim, in Seattle right now for Maker Faire and flying back tomo night. I’ll reach out on Tuesday when I’m back at my desk. It does look like we have a workable solution though. Talk soon and thanks for the reminder!


Add me to that list… while default size will fit my yetti it will be close and it will not fit the slightly larger yetti. The other option is we source our our extrusion. Problem is I have not seen much open beam stuff here in US. Was mostly UK shops.


Ok guys, I had extra 210mm and 300mm extrusions cut. These can be swapped out with the standard design’s 150 mm extrusion to raise the height of the head unit. I think the 300mm may be overkill but we can cut them down to a standard “x-large” size.

210mm will probably cover most of the jumbo mugs. Id like to get an average minimum requirement for some of the most common jumbo sizes. And now that Im thinking about it, the 300mm will probably be good for Chemex type set ups…

Let me know what you think.


I recently got a new travel mug (replacing the one from OP) and it’s sitting at 202mm, so the 210mm would be perfect!


Same… the Yeti 30oz which I use for when I am really thirsty clocks in at 200mm. Maybe add the parts as an add-on kit?


Agreed on the add-on kit. I’ll throw you guys the parts for helping me out. Give me a day or two to get a new list together for it. Swamped today.


Hello All,

I’d definitely like to add the tall kit for my machine. I’m was going to ask about the height when I saw this thread. I’m happy to hear it’s an easy change. Ok was wondering how much splashing it’s prone to. So if setting up for taller mugs, will there be a lot of mess if a short mug is used? Might have to print a few stacking different height mug stools if so. :slight_smile:

I typically use a Yeti. I’ll have to measure some of my mugs…


I saw a pour-over set in a shop the other day with a pot wasn’t much taller than a typical mug, but wider, for making two (possibly more) cups of coffee – which reminded me of this thread.

For a large quantity of coffee, such that you might have in a big/tall mug, clearance under the cone isn’t the only factor. Another factor is how much coffee of acceptable strength you can make with one cone’s worth of ground beans.

Does anyone have a feel for whether the cone holds enough to make (say) 600ml of coffee at an acceptable strength?


I think @matt has said mugsy can make 16oz (473ml) no problem. I’m sure he could provide more insight, but I can’t imagine the extra 4oz making too big of a difference. Like I said though, this is purely speculation and @matt should be able to answer it.

Even if it can’t OOTB, I’m sure there’s a way we can make it happen!


You can fit enough grounds for two strong cups, I will get an exact measurement though. If you look at the following pic you can see that there are rough level lines for 1 or 2 cups. Definitely not an exact answer yet but give me a day and Ill have that for you. I’ll get a weight in grams.


That’s great to know - thanks.


Looks like this specific cone can fit just about 43 grams. I’d say 35-40 is probably the realistic max for good water flow. I’m going to order a couple of larger cones for some measurements. I’d like to have something ready to go for folks who will need something with much more capacity.


If you were to go with a 1:17 ratio (1:16-1:18 seems to be pretty standard), 35-40g of coffee should be good for ~600-700g of water (~20-23oz). That’s not too bad. Also, this was all quick math and may be completely wrong.