Mug Tray Lighting


I saw in one video where some circular multicolor lighting was lighting up the bottom of the mug. Is that intended to be in the production machine? Are the colors Indicators?


There will be some multicolor indications on the mug platform, I just haven’t yet decided if it will be circular like in the video, or some other layout. Really depends on how far I can get the price down on the prebuilt rings. I should have a firm decision on that closer to the end of September.


That’s cool Matt. The reason I was asking was that if it is the case, then for taller mugs I would not want to just slide that part out and would definitely like to put in extensions for mug height. I was wondering if a taller machine will cause issue with shorter mugs having to drip so far it will get colder/splash. If so, then it would be easy to model up and print a little mug booster for shorter mugs if a taller machine is built. I believe an add-on kit for that is the thought?


@Eppic, I have had a short-mug booster kicking around in my head for a few days also! #coffeehivemind


#coffeehivemind… I like it!


Great call on the mug booster!

As for the platform lighting, how ever it is implemented, it will be simple to remove and will be mounted in such a way as not to interfere with the platform sliding out.


Maybe the tray should be detachable so that people can make their own fun little trays. Imagine a tray that has a pentagram that lights up in red when you put the mug on it and starts an occult coffee chant from a speaker on the bottom. Or a tray that has room for a laboratory grade hotplate from Flinn Scientific. Or a tray that has a thermoresist on it so you can measure the temp of the mugs bottom. I feel like adding lights would be unnecesary.

Just sell a separate tray with the lights and people can make their own too.

Remember that sleep is important. Don’t lose it over LED’s

Did I mention that LED’s can fail? Why do you think LED bike lights have regulating circuit boards in them?

It’s a fun idea but maybe not for production but if you can manage it then that would be quite nice.


Maybe a little crank to raise or lower the tray would work just as well. Might be more practical than the laminar nozzle actually.


@matt Did you end up deciding on lights in the mug platform? Cause that might influence panel choices too. Additionally, if that requires white, how smudgey is white? Does yours look constantly dirty or?


Posting Matt’s response here for future reference: