Milk heaters and frothers


I drink my coffee black, so mugsy will be perfect for me. However… Others in the house hold like milk with their coffee.

I have been looking and I think I have settled on the Nespresso Aeroccino 4.

Any other options I should consider?


I’ve used an older nespresso frother, and it definitely does the job! Don’t have any recommendations for other ones, though :confused:


I have a „WMF Lono Milk & Choc“ and am very happy with that. As the name says it can also do hot choclate (with powder and chunks).


Doesn’t look like that is easily available in the UK :frowning: Looks like a good product though! I think you can do hot chocolate in the nespresso one too…


looks like a great product, a bit pricey, but will put on my lisat. Now to get MUGSY to add a feature like this in.