Magnetized ring and Filter


a friend stumbled over mugsy today and showed me the project, we are absolutely amazed!

first question (before seeing a video with the magnetized side panel) was how is the filter dumped and washed?
as far as i understand it in one of the first versions the filter could easily be “clicked out” from the bottom.
the the rotation option was added and the filter now sits in the machine and has to be pulled out from the side.
my first thought was, the filter is stainless steel, what when there is a magnetized ring that rotates and the filter is snapped from beyond? a 3dprinted border at the bottom could help fit the filter in the correct place so it cant snap partly.

maybe this is a dumb idea, because i am not native english speaking i hope the explanation is correct and not misleading.

me and my friend both are eager to preorder a mugsy. are there additional shipping cost to germany ? (ok thats a bit offtopic)



Thanks @jorval! I get what you’re saying. It could work nicely for a future version. We could have the standard Mugsy cone click in from the bottom while still allowing the other cone types(Wave, V60) to drop in from the top.