Laminar Flow of Coffee


If the turbulence was smoothed out in the coffee pouring nozzle it would be possible to get a perfect stream of liquid directly into the cup instead of the dispenser spluttering coffee everywhere.
Ideally the Mugsy would dispense coffee like this fridge’s water dispenser

But instead it splutters as demonstrated in this early demo video

The splutter isn’t all that bad and it’s not even a problem. It’s just not aesthetic in my opinion. Most coffeemakers resolve this splutter problem by having it splutter into a jug but the Mugsy is designed much more like the fridge dispenser. It would make sense for it to work the same way.

Here’s what a laminar flow nozzle looks like

Flow correction might not even be necessary it could just be that coffee isn’t flowing consistently. During the video it sometimes flows and sometimes it drips. Like I said it’s not a a real mechanical issue merely perhaps a quirk of coffeemaking that I don’t find very aesthetic. Looking forward to feedback on this idea! Am I complicating the design or would this be a good addition?

Looking at what I’ve written it seems that making a laminar flow of a non pure liquid while keeping the nozzle cleanly might be difficult but it would be a a good addition for aesthetic reasons


Definitely looking into all of this, appreciate the examples!


Just brainstorming matt. It’s a favourite activity of mine so I do it for free!